Outsourced Technical Support

Technical questions are unavoidable — no matter if your product is super user-friendly or a little more demanding. Keep your customers satisfied (while you sleep) — with outsourced technical support

How Do We Handle Your Customers' Technical Questions?

Installation Support
Although it is the simplest process for experienced developers — first-time users may easily become frustrated with installation. Our team will coach even the most novice user through this process.
Receiving feedback on the latest bugs plaguing your product — can allow you to know exactly where to fix & improve your product. Our team updates your developers as soon as a bug is discovered.
Software Usage Questions
Making sure your customers know how to use your product correctly is crucial to business success. By doing extensive research on the ins & outs of your software — our team can answer any usage questions instantly.
Troubleshooting Support
More complex problems that require attention & time can drain your team's energy. We can guide any disgruntled customers through the process of restoring your product to its fully functional state.

Save your team the hassle of dealing with tedious technical questions — from installation to more advanced inquiries — let our outsourced team take care of them