SaaS Support

Why outsourced SaaS support?

SaaS is not just a pricing scheme, it is a business model that requires constant support of the customers to make sure that they stay onboard with the product you are offering. Our team is ready to provide 24 hour SaaS support, 7 days a week, to ensure that your customers are getting the most out your product, which in turn leads to new subscriptions and great reviews.

What are the common issues of SaaS customers?

When offering SaaS solutions as a service, you are bound to get people with all types of problems constantly reaching out for help. 90% of these cases can actually be attributed to simple errors and mistakes such as: internet connectivity issues, common software user errors, and a lack of specific walkthroughs. In these cases our agents will walk the customer through the troubleshooting steps in accordance with the instructions that you provide. After an issue is resolved, any helpful feedback will then be passed along to your team, to give you an insight into how your customers are using your software and what can be done to improve your product.

How long does it take to set up SaaS support?

A well–trained SaaS support team is needed from the first day of a product’s launch. A sudden burst of customers can seem overwhelming if you aren’t ready to handle all of their needs at once, so we highly recommend that you start looking into our outsourced SaaS support solutions at least a month before launching your product. On average 3–4 weeks is enough to prepare your own 24/7 team of experts that will be ready to tackle even the most difficult of issues and keep your customers taken care of.

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