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What are the benefits of outsourcing support for startups?

When running a startup, you always need to keep track of the expenses. From development to licensing, its the little things that can put a serious strain on your budget over time. Because of this, it makes perfect sense to outsource tasks which require an entire team of experts and there is likely no better example of this than customer support for startups. We scale with you, so no matter if you’re still trying to find your niche audience, or if you’re getting ready for a highly–anticipated product launch, we have a solution for you. Our cost–effective approach allows you to offer customer support, at only a fraction of the cost of an in–house team.

How can we help with customer support for your startup?

We provide a full service end–to–end solution which includes: email support, live chat support, phone support, social media support, and other methods of providing support to your customers. In addition to all of this, we also provide a toll–free number for your customers to call, access to our home–built and highly sophisticated CRM system for handling customer requests, and the best professional management team that the industry has to offer.

How do we handle high–volume situations?

Our service is highly scalable and in times when the situation calls for it, we will use the resources at our disposal to keep your situation under control. Be it a new product launch, or a system–wide server failure on your end, we will always be in control of the situation and ensure that your customers are calm and collected.

How do we keep track of quality?

Our Quality Assessment Model allows us to revise an enormous amount of tickets in a short span of time, meanwhile the evaluation approach ensures that we do not miss any critical details during the assessment process. This is vital for companies who have unique products and require a unique approach to customers. At the end of a given period you will receive a detailed report along with feedback and recommendations on how to make your product even better and more approachable by a wider audience.

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