Scaling Healthcare Startup by Outsourcing Support

IMPORTANT: Due to an extreme demand for healthcare online services we integrate Healthcare Startups and Apps at first place and at special conditions.

Here is your checklist if you have a spike of customer care requests:

Healthcare Support Outsourcing
  • Start outsourcing your Healthcare Customer Support in HOURS/DAYS.
  • Minimize reaction time for every request.

Why outsource support if you are in Healthcare Tech business?

Any Healthcare Startup deals with a specific urgency when it comes to customer service. It's a different time of urgency, not like when you are buying something in online store or a cinema ticket. Healthcare needs have a higher priority and extreme emotional engagement. Thus fast reaction time is perhaps the most important metric for customer care for a Healthcare Startup. During any spike of requests you won't be able to hire fast. That is when Flexible Teams from SupportYourApp come in handy. You can extend your existing customer care team in DAYS: pick the best people, train them and start delivering excellent service.

Services we do for your Healthcare App business:

  • Customer Care Outsourcing
  • Personal Data Vereficattion
  • Outgoing Phone calls
  • Feedback requests
  • Data entry and validation
  • Feedback responses
  • Inbound Phone Calls
  • Product improvement
  • Omni-Channel online chat support

Why Flexible Support Teams for Healthcare Support are better?

If your Healthcare Startup experience overload of requests — you have to find super-fast solution to get your clients serviced. A Typical auto-response like 'We will reply you in 24 hours' will not work for it. It brings frustration to customers and irritation. Hiring and building in-house support requires weeks and months. While Flexible teams from SupportYourApp are ready to hop on your tasks within days.

Let's talk first and see if it fits your business. Hit the button below, fill in a form, and we'll check back with you:

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