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  • Recording in- and outbound calls for your review
  • Reaching new and existing customers using your scripts
  • Developing custom call scripts upon request
  • Supporting customers during business hours and after hours
  • Implementing up-to-date hard- and software
  • Providing only hand-picked, and sales-oriented teams
  • Providing the teams with pre-launch training
  • Tracking regular KPI statistics

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Customer Support Outsourcing for SignEasy
Customer Support Outsourcing for Niel Patel
Customer Support Outsourcing for Lifx
Customer Support Outsourcing for Here
Customer Support Outsourcing for Calm
Customer Support Outsourcing for SignEasy
Customer Support Outsourcing for Niel Patel
Customer Support Outsourcing for Lifx
Customer Support Outsourcing for Here
Customer Support Outsourcing for Calm
Customer Support Outsourcing for SignEasy
Customer Support Outsourcing for Niel Patel
Customer Support Outsourcing for Lifx
Customer Support Outsourcing for Here
Customer Support Outsourcing for Calm
Customer Support Outsourcing for MasterCard
Customer Support Outsourcing for Kofax
Customer Support Outsourcing for MacPaw
Customer Support Outsourcing for G2A
Customer Support Outsourcing for MasterCard
Customer Support Outsourcing for Kofax
Customer Support Outsourcing for MacPaw
Customer Support Outsourcing for G2A
Customer Support Outsourcing for MasterCard
Customer Support Outsourcing for Kofax
Customer Support Outsourcing for MacPaw
Customer Support Outsourcing for G2A

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From any Channel...

Your customers will be heard through any channel you choose...

  • Email
  • in-app
  • Chat
  • VoiP
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • iMessage
  • ...any channel any Integration

...and we can integrate with all major CRM systems or add a new integration just for you.

  • Gsuite
  • Zendesk
  • Help Scout
  • Fast Spring
  • Live Agent
  • Intercom
  • Freshdesk
  • Kayako
  • Uservoice

Secure otusourcing services Ultimate Security

The level of attention to security is completely unheard of for the support industry. For example, we have obtained PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider certification for our facilities. It ensures data safety for you and your customers.

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Custom Software

For the past 10 years we have built our own tools for handling customer support flow. And we are sharing it with you:

QCRM - qustomer support ticket management system


Ticket management system that helps us manage huge teams and help them manage a huge workflow of emails.

Quidget – online chat widget for web


Live chat tool which may be incorporated directly onto the web page that delivers faster performance and helps our team interact with the customers.

Quidget – online chat widget for web


Though it blends into other interfaces and is almost imperceptible, it still is a powerful and sophisticated instrument that supercharges every interaction with the power of AI.

QCRM – customer management system

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"With all the agents working on the team, we were able to drastically improve all of our key performance indicators. Our average first response time was dropped under 1.5 hours, our average resolution time dropped under 12 hours, and our customer satisfaction scores were higher than ever.".
Monica Perez from Sign Easy

Monica Perez Head of CS,
Sign Easy,,

Sign Easy logo
"We wanted to improve our standard of customer support. We had one full time person working in Germany. He did a great job, but he was off at night, on weekends... We also were not able to answer the phone. The outsourcing services of SupportYourApp did improve on that.".
Oliver Breidenbach from Boinx Software Ltd.

Oliver Breidenbach CEO and founder,
Boinx Software Ltd.,,

Boinx Software Ltd. logo
"SupportYourApp was a godsend to us. The ability to have people respond to our customers no matter where they are in the world on 24/7 basis is really astonishing. I was working in other companies where the support level did not come even close.".
Kevin La Rue from Skylum, Inc.

Kevin La Rue Vice President,
Skylum, Inc.,,

Skylum, Inc. logo
"SupportYourApp's work has resulted in a dramatic increase in great feedback from our customers. We hear all the time from customers on Shopper Approved, telling us they've never seen a company with such a fast response time.".
Josh Brown from Softorino Inc.

Josh Brown CMO,
Softorino Inc.,,

Softorino Inc. logo
"Within 3 months, over 80% of sales and support requests were able to be addressed directly by SupportYourApp. By creating the tools and processes we are now able to add additional resources when the need arises. They are truly committed to supporting the customer at all levels.".
Todd Penny from GoCodes

Todd Penny Founder,

GoCodes logo
"The highlight of SupportYourApp's CRM is the ability to review all the phone calls that come through, handy filter or quickly show open issues, or issues needing developer attention. At this point, it seems the most appropriate for our e-mail and phone support outsourcing.".
Chris Devor from Macroplant, Inc.

Chris Devor CEO and founder,
Macroplant, Inc.,,

Macroplant, Inc. logo
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Why outsource telemarketing to SupportYourApp?

Telemarketing outsourcing is only gaining its popularity but it has already been recognized as one of the best business practices of the modern times. And if you are still looking for one of the telemarketing companies for hire, then we can tell you all about the benefits that outsourced telemarketing has as opposed to an in-house solution.

SupportYourApp has a very extensive expertise in providing outsource telemarketing services to the companies around the world, and we can surely say that our teams have played a very pivotal part in businesses developing around the world. Our telemarketing teams are more than happy to help your business as well by using or even developing the scripts for in- and outbound calls.

What really sets us apart from other cell centers and telemarketing agencies is that we see ourselves as an extension of your team and not a separate company. We seamlessly integrate into your systems and become the best addition to your operations.

Outsource telemarketing with SupportYourApp to be ahead of the trend and to see real results. We guarantee that outsource telemarketing is exactly what you and your business need right now.

Telemarketing services SupportYourApp provides

  • Inbound telemarketing

    Quite often B2B and B2C customers need to contact a telemarketing center in order to get a service or information about the service. That is where our inbound outsource telemarketing teams come in. When the customer calls SupportYourApp to inquire about the services, we analyze the inquiry and provide your customers with the entire scope of the information they need. This makes sure that the customers have no questions left and that they feel comfortable with your services and communication with our telemarketing team in the future.

    In the long run this provides for a loyal customer base and makes every user eligible for retention and upselling.

  • Outbound telemarketing

    Outsource telemarketing services also include outbound calls. This, in its turn, can include several things:

    • qualifying of the leads;
    • building database lists;
    • evaluating the validity of existing databases;
    • suggest effective marketing strategies.

    All the above mentioned outsource telemarketing services are conducted with the latest and most efficient technologies to ensure that your business grows and that your customer base is outreached to properly and in a timely manner.

Telemarketing outsourcing and different industries

Surely, over 10 years of expertise in being one of the top telesales outsourcing companies we have gained experience with outsource telemarketing services for different industries. We have worked with clients from the following industries:

  • Technology

    Too often tech companies have excellent professionals who are passionate about their business and their agenda. But they might lack in telemarketing as it is simply another field of expertise. That is why tech companies often turn for help to the companies that provide outsource telemarketing services. And SupportYourApp is glad to provide whatever your business needs in the shortest time and with the surest results.

    We provide experienced and scalable telemarketing services such as:

    • Lead evaluation;
    • Outreach to the potential customers;
    • Closing sales;
    • Secure appointments and calls;
    • Arrange demos;
    • Provide customers with tech support they need.

    We also implement various techniques to help you reach our target market which means that your services and products will always find their audience.

  • Financial segment

    Telesales outsourcing companies quite often work with the businesses in the financial segment. And what is the most important requirement for outsource telemarketing solution? We would say safety regulations and confidence in security systems and certificates provided by the telemarketing vendor.

    SupportYourApp has a Level 1 Service Provider PCI DSS certificate that allows us to store, process and transmit more than 300,000 credit card transactions per year and can work with extremely large volumes of very sensitive information.

    Acquiring this certification obligates us to go through the verification process each year — a process that assures that we hold on to the highest security standards constantly. As a result our outsource telemarketing services are completely secure for you and your customers.

  • B2B and B2C segment

    B2B and B2C segments are extremely demanding. Businesses all over the world are evolving together with the requirements of their customers. This means that while providing outsource telemarketing services such as lead generation, handling incoming calls, dealing with sales orders, setting up meetings and appointments, we evolve as well. Directly dealing with the customers allows us to have a full and up-to-date understanding of the customers which helps us make the most useful offers and provide the best and most relevant services.

  • Telecom

    Up- and cross-selling, analyzing the customers’ wants and needs, developing the best outsource telemarketing outreach strategies for customers of different demographics, developing marketing strategies and scripts for communication (upon client’s request) — these are just a few of outsource services that telecom companies prefer to outsource to SupportYourApp. In our turn, we do everything to make sure that our clients get what they need in the shortest possible time.

  • Internet marketing

    Email and chat communication, outbound calls and lead evaluation — these steps are pivotal for running a successful internet marketing operation. And those are the exact tasks that internet marketing companies outsource to us. Get your quote right now if you want our outsource telemarketing team to take care of them for you.

Our expertise

Telemarketing and statistics: how we implement the best telemarketing techniques to improve KPIs.

Telemarketing is one of the most important stages when it comes to reaching out to your customers and elevating the number of your sales and, as a result, helping your business scale. We at SupportYourApp know that for sure as we have been providing outsourced telemarketing services. That is why we are paying so much attention to the quality of the services we provide and to the KPIs that help us track this quality.

When it comes to outsource telemarketing we have shifted our main focus to:

  • The tone

    The tone of the communication accounts for about 86% of our communication. That is why we pay so much attention to it, especially when it comes to outsource telemarketing. We teach the consultants to always remain polite and calm no matter the difficulty of the issues and the irritation of the client.

  • The vocabulary

    Only 14% of our communication is accounted for by words. Over 10 years of expertise we have developed a list of words that help establish a connection with the customer and make them feel heard and understood. With 39% of the customers saying that the communication with the support team has got better over the last several years, it is clear that the trend of developing a special communication vocabulary when it comes to outsource telemarketing is only growing.

  • The feedback

    It is amazing, but about 17% of the customers are saying that they never have the chance of leaving their feedback. With that in mind, 70% of the customers leave the feedback when they are asked about it and only 51% of customers believe that their feedback will influence the quality of service.

    We at SupportYourApp gather customer feedback and share it with our clients on a regular basis. This way we make sure that our services are up to standards and that our outsource telemarketing teams always provide the best services possible.

    We check that by implementing an extremely high customer satisfaction level KPI — no less than 95%. Keeping it on the same high level is one of our strong sides.

Hire telemarketing service to stand out from your competition

  • Cut your costs

    Telemarketing outsourcing companies for hire like SupportYourApp are going to provide you with the services that will sufficiently cut the costs for your business. Outsource telemarketing team to see real results with as little expenses as possible. See the difference between an in-house team and an outsourced solution by requesting your quote right now.

  • Run your campaigns wherever you want

    One of the main perks of outsource telemarketing is flexibility. It can especially be felt during the launch of the campaigns. Our outsource telemarketing team will allow you to launch and edit your campaigns in-flight as you wish, which means that you will be free to do as your business requires in the shortest time..

  • Speak your customer's language

    SupportYourApp can deliver the best outsource telemarketing services while speaking 31 languages. This means that your campaigns will always reach the most diverse audience, which will ensure their success.

  • Enjoy outsourced telesales flexibility

    Flexibility is everything. In the modern world being flexible is a must if you want to be successful. This means that by outsourcing your inbound and outbound outsource telemarketing to our specialists you are not only investing in the best lead generation practices but also adhere to the most different audience while satisfying all their needs.

  • Keep all your conversations secure

    SupportYourApp is PCI/DSS & ISO-certified, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your customer’s data. Instead, put those freed resources into managing and scaling your business.


To get the fastest answer for any question simply contact us and ask anything.

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How to choose telemarketing companies for hire?
The right way according to which one chooses an outsource telemarketing company is comparing and making sure that that your partner of choice suits all your specific needs and wants. This way you are going to be satisfied with the services you are getting.
What is the cost for telemarketing outsourcing?
Outsource telemarketing pricing varies depending on the size of the team, time coverage and the variety of services and communication channels you need. If you want to find out more about SupportYourApp pricing, get your quote right now!
What are the benefits of outsourcing telemarketing?
There are plenty of benefits when it comes to outsource telemarketing. Outsourced telemarketers can easily cut your business costs, resolve any issues with timely answers and provide your business with much-needed expertise in matters linked to customer service and customer outreach.

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For the past 10 years we have been through many-many challenges, victories, problems and failures. Here are our stories:

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