Outbound Support

SupportYourApp outbound support solutions help clients retain their customers, generate leads, and most importantly — increase sales:

  • Telesales
  • Customer Research
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Lead Qualification
  • Customer Retention

What are the benefits of outbound support?

Outbound support is one of the most effective methods of enhancing customer relationships and is a great way to acquire new customers. In the competitive world of software development, advertisements no longer cut it. Methods like lead generation and conversion make it easier than ever to convert potential leads into customers. An outbound support team is crucial to ensure your business’ reputation is always remembered in a positive light.

How do we handle outbound support?

A dedicated team will handle all of your outbound support, thereby boosting your sales and customer retention.

Outbound support by SupportYourApp can improve your sales numbers by spreading the word about your product! Through outbound calls and emails – we generate leads and increase customer loyalty via the following methods: telesales, customer satisfaction surveys, and lead qualification.

Telesales Services
For our telesales solution — we learn all of the necessary details about your business or product and then compose a personalized script that is used to contact potential leads and convert them into customers. We also develop upselling campaigns that keep customers up–to–date on any new releases.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Through customer surveys, we gather feedback concerning your company and product. This in turn gives you a good understanding of how well your product or service is being received by customers. Using the feedback we provide, you can make sure that your products are always on a par with customer expectations.
Lead Qualification
Depending on your sales priorities we can remodel your Lead Generation Funnel for maximum conversion. By providing only qualified leads — we help you get the most value out of each potential customer.