Outbound Services Outsourcing

At SupportYourApp we have outbound services that help our growing clients retain their customers, generate leads, and most importantly increase sales:

  • Telesales
  • Customer Research
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Lead Qualification
  • Customer Retention

What Are The Benefits Of Outbound Service?

Outbound support is one of the most effective methods to strengthen the quality of customer relationships & also to acquire new customers. In the competitive world of software development — it's no longer sufficient to rely on advertising alone to gain more revenue. With methods such as lead generation & conversion, it's easier than ever to convert potential customers (if you have the resources). So In order to ensure the highest level of business success — it's crucial to employ a contact centre that is capable of handling all outbound customer care.

How Do We Do Outbound Services?

With our outbound services — you receive a dedicated & determined team of support agents that are ready to help boost your sales & customer retention.

SupportYourApp's outbound services can improve your sale numbers by getting the news out about your product! With our outbound calls & emails — we can generate new customers & increase loyalty by using methods such as: telesales, customer satisfaction surveys, & lead qualification.

Telesales Services
With our outsourced telesales solutions — we acquire all knowledge about your business/products & compose a personalised script that we use to contact any potential clients interested in your company (then convert them into customers). We can also design up-sell programs that keep customers up-to-date about any new, upcoming releases.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Our custom surveys help us gather customer feedback about your product & company. This helps your business improve by measuring how well your product or service is being received. By using our surveys to gather quality customer feedback - you can ensure that your product is always meeting (and exceeding) customer expectations.
Lead Qualification
Depending on your specific business & sales needs — we can customise a lead qualification process that will help make your lead funnel process smoother & more efficient. With the qualified leads that we provide — we can help you get the most value out of each prospective client.