Amazon Customer Support Outsourcing for Sellers

Here is a what every successful Amazon seller does:

Amazon Seller Support Outsourcing
  • Start outsourcing your Amazon Seller Support in hours
  • Amazon Reviews fast reaction and management
  • Outsource Amazon Product Entry

Why outsource support if I sell something on Amazon?

Amazon became world's #1 'Go-To' place for fast international sales with scale. Sometime this scale comes with drawbacks — support of your buyers through Amazon. The more you sell — the more you get requests. You may build your in-house team and keep control, but most likely you won't have time and expertise — you are busy with scaling & selling. We made a solution specifically for businesses like yours — a separate highly trained OPEN Team with focus on Amazon Seller Support only. These guys can start in hours while your in-house solution will take weeks.

Services we do for your Amazon business:

  • Amazon Messages
  • Product listing
  • Outgoing Phone calls
  • Feedback requests
  • Return Requests
  • Feedback responses
  • Inbound Phone Calls
  • Chargeback claims
  • Opening cases
  • Product improvement
  • Data entry
  • Improving seller metrics
  • Calculating trends
  • Amazon support interaction
  • Advertising
  • Reports and settlements
  • Bulk uploading
  • Invoice handling

Why OPEN Remote Team for Amazon Support is better?

Scaling is both — ups and downs. When you scale UP — you hire, scale down (off-season) — you have to fire talents that you've spent so much time nurturing. We offer OPEN teams for temporary seasonal delegation of Amazon support. When you grow — you hire OPEN team as an extension. When shrink down — put it on hold, and don't pay. But your trained team is open waiting for you.

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* Focus on selling more, while we cover your customer support.