How We Handle Holiday Support

The holiday season is that time of year when handling different types of customers can become especially difficult. Lets take a look at why holiday support is essential to your company’s reputation.

The Data..

This is actual data showing the effects of the holiday season for one of our clients:


Beautiful isn’t it? 

This customer usually averaged about 200-300 calls per month. Suddenly, there was a sudden surge in phone calls, rising to above 900 per month in October. This was the result of a huge sale that started before Halloween and lasted until the end of Black Friday. Luckily, SupportYourApp was ready. We provided top-notch online technical support as well as phone support 24/7.

Because we are focused on outsourced customer and technical support services, we are able to scale with the situation. In peak volume situations we assign agents and resources to handle the surge in a quick and efficient manner. In this case we tripled the amount of agents handling customer queries, making sure that every customer was attended to.

And The Facts

A number of factors can be considered as attributing to this surge: 

  1. Developers tend to release new products right before the holiday season.
  2. Customers are more willing to spend their money during the holiday season.
  3. Merchants tend to start aggressive sales campaigns during this period, most starting just before Halloween.

As you can see the holiday season is a double-edged sword, helping and hurting at the same time. While companies tend to take advantage of the opportunity to boost their sales, most of them rarely take into consideration the after-effects.

SupportYourApp has helped many customers cope with the unpredictable volume of queries during the holiday season by being the ideal customer support solution. Any company that considers its products to be worthwhile, must be ready to handle a lot of questions. And there is no better way to prepare your business for the eventual peak, than entrust the job to real customer support outsourcing professionals, who guarantee phenomenal results. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Customer Support Outsourcing for more info on how your company can benefit from an outsourced call center.

Oh, and before we finish this post, here’s another example of holiday support in action:


You aren’t seeing things – that is 20,000 emails received for the month of November. Once again, SupportYourApp was able to scale and adapt, providing a 24/7 customer care solution, resolving everything in a timely and organized manner. Need we say more?

impressed by holiday support


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