Benefits of Good Customer Service — Practical Advice

Advantages of good customer service. It all seems so obvious. The better the customer service is, the more satisfied they are going to be and the more loyal they are going to become in the long run. But is that all? Is that everything there is to it? Of course not, otherwise we would not be asking these questions. 

A third of the customers are saying that they are ready to switch service providers after one bad experience. About the same amount of customers are going to tell about coming across bad customer service on social media. BUT 53% are willing to tell about a good experience. Meaning that more than a half of your customer base is going to provide you with word of mouth marketing if you are willing to give them something worth telling about. 

As we can see, excellent customer service can be a powerful tool to ensure that the customers are not only going to keep on returning to you, but will also bring you new customers. What other results can great customer service yield?

What is the main effect of excellent customer service?

And now to the main topic. What are the main advantages of customer service and how can any service provider benefit from their improvement?

  • 🤑 Easier upselling and retention

As we have already mentioned, the better the customer service is, the happier the customers are and the more loyal they become. Yes, that is one of the main perks of excellent customer service. Loyal and happy customers are so much easier to upsell. Studies show that those who participate in a loyalty program spend 67% more than those who are not. And that is understandable. They just stay with your company for a longer time, meaning that the longer they stay, the more they are going to be willing to spend (more on this point later).

So, it should be of no surprise, that excellent services result in better earning and bigger profits. 

As SupportYourApp provides not only customer or technical support for the clients, but can also arrange a sales team for those clients who need it, we see the effect of a good customer service first hand. It is much easier to upsell for those who know that your customer service is excellent than to convince the new customers that you can deliver on their expectations. 

  • 👵 Customers’ lifetime value increases

It has been said hundreds of times already — it is 5-20 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. At SupportYourApp we also believe that we are the extension of our client’s teams, which means that we care about their customers just as much as their in-house team would. That is why we have set extremely high KPIs — 95 percent satisfaction rate — that has to be supported consistently and constantly, all by providing excellent customer support. 

  • 🤩 The team has the reason to evolve

Yes, if the team provides excellent service, they themselves will have the reasons and the possibility to grow, as they will be able to see the result of their work instantly. After all, there is nothing worse than a team unsatisfied with their results that doesn’t have any motivation to move forward. 

It is said that 10 percent of the consultants that go the extra mile for the customers achieve 10 percent better ratings than those who do a mediocre job. This means that those able to provide a better service are 10 percent more motivated to be even better, further improving the ratings. It is a circle that no one will want to break.

We make sure that every member of every team has the room for growth. Those displaying good results have the possibility to be promoted to Team Leader or even Service Delivery Manager, further expanding our team of management. Moreover, 90 percent of SupportYourApp board of management has started their professional journey as support consultants. Not a bad growth possibility, is it? 

  • 💗 Your business will scale

70 percent of the customers say that they are willing to spend more time and money with the business that provides excellent customer service. This means that the better your customer services are, the more likely it is that it can grow even without attracting new customers. 

Of course, the benefits of good customer service to the customers are obvious. But what are the benefits of good customer service to your business as a whole? Well, see for yourself — your customer base is turning loyal, and it is easy to upsell them. Your management team is growing. Your team has the motivation to work better. As a result, your company will grow as well, further developing and opening up new pages of its history. 


Good customer service. How do we provide it?

Of course, providing good customer service is a process that requires setting up and maintaining. It is not something that can appear over a day or a week. It is a process that SupportYourApp has been going through for a long time and now, a decade later, we are ready to share our expertise on the matter. 

1. Caring people provide excellent support

We expand our team only with the professionals who we call “SupportYourApp people”. They are caring, empathetic, ready to go the extra mile for the customer, and we can always rely on each of them. Our meticulous hiring and onboarding process makes sure that only the true SupportYourAppers are added to our teams and that they possess the right knowledge to provide the best customer support service possible. 

2. Excellent management team

Management plays a very important role in our structure. Service Delivery Managers not only assign different consultants to the projects that fit them the best according to their skills but also serve as an excellent supporting shoulder for every one of them. We have developed an excellent structure to make sure that no one is burnt out or left alone. Preventing burnout with feed-forwarding sessions has proven to have great effect on the teams and on their performance overall. 

3. Great atmosphere

It is clear that the fact that we all care about each and listen to one another creates a unique and very supportive atmosphere that is easy to work in. Every change that is implemented into SupportYourApp structure brings more harmony and productivity into SupportYourApp. 

These three combined give us perfect conditions for working and delivering all the benefits of customer service to the end users. 

Advantages of good customer service — is it all that obvious?

Surely, we can talk about the benefits of customer service A LOT. And it all seems so obvious. The reality is that good customer service has long become one of the standards of the industry. And we don’t really think about it until we come across an awful customer service example. And we, as service providers have the responsibility to not only hold the bar high, but to raise it as we progress. After all, the better we are, the better the industry and the happier are the customers. 

😃 And in the end, isn’t that our goal?


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