Feedforward the Professionals in Your Team to Progress as a Company

To be the best partner for customer support outsource we have to also be the best team with a high level of personal engagement. To support that and to drive personal development, we focus on ‘feedforward’ approach throughout our company. 

We all know the word feedback — evaluating the performance of the professional in your company in order to show them what they have done right and wrong in the last months. 

But we at SupportYourApp like to implement what we call ‘feedforward’ — it is the same practice of evaluating the professionals in your team, but with the focus shifted to the future — what can they do to become better, faster and more efficient and the future? With this, our main focus is, as always, aimed at perfecting customer relationship management and further promote customer centricity as the base for our entire operation, 

Why focusing on the future is worth the effort?

Focusing on the future is kind of our thing here at SupportYourApp — next ticket to resolve, next webinar on customer support to take, next height to conquer ⏫. And that has been driving us to be better and more professional. It has become our drive to personal and professional development and that is why we have adapted the philosophy of feedforward sessions with both — our consultants and our management. 

✔️ Keeping our focus on the future helps us see what we are striving to do and become in the nearest time clearly, thus keeping our attention on future results and accomplishments and not on the past possible mistakes and missteps. 

How our clients benefit from our feedforwarding?

We are always waiting and anticipating to hear some evaluation from our clients. We want to know whether they have been satisfied with our services and whether we have fully delivered on their expectations. This helps us analyze KPIs and build effective team management through customizing our services for each of the clients. 

And surely, we make use of every assessment of our services, as we build our feedforward strategies according to them. 

So, how do our clients benefit from our feedforward sessions with our consultants?

1. 👏 We become even more customer centric

As we have already pointed out, customer centricity is the foundation of SupportYourApp. And it is impossible to build a customer centric approach without constantly looking into the future and without focusing on ways to improve our services and ourselves. Building and maintaining it is impossible without our focus being on the future. 

2. 🔥 We become even more efficient

Knowing what the entire team will be working on for the foreseeable future gives us real aim and direction. As a result, the teammates are bonding in their desire to further develop their soft and hard skills. Treating it as one of the best team building exercises, we can say that it helps teams work more efficient, like a well-oil mechanism. As a result, UX of end users is growing due to timely and on-point resolution of their tickets and inquiries. 

3. 🔴 We spot even more opportunities for future development

There is almost no better thing in the workplace than to develop and grow professionally. And feedforward sessions help us better understand what is expected of us and what direction we will be moving in to better benefit the needs of both SupportYourApp and our clients. 

Setting up feedforwarding

Even though feedforwarding might not seem like the easiest practice, it is actually pretty simple and useful. The only thing that you need, is to set up a prefect communication flow within the teams and between the teams and their supervisors. But, as excellent communication flow is something needed for delivering perfect customer support services at SupportYourApp it has already been set up and working to our benefit. 

Feedback vs. feedforward

In essence both feedback and feedforward are needed to ensure that the entire company is functioning at its best. Mixing them together is one of the best team management practices that we have implemented within our customer support culture. It helps us stay focused on the future and not to dwell in the past.

We are very proud that this very nifty tool is helping us deliver the best customer support service and to progress together with the needs of our clients and end users. 


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