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Customer Support Statistics: Why Are They So Important?

Statistics. Gathering and analyzing them can be a great helper when it comes to providing the best services and improving your customer support. It is even more important to pay attention to different customer service statistics over time in order to understand what needs to be changed and what can be done differently in order for the statistics to become better over time.

But of course, any business has its own statistics and its own numbers and percentage that they pay extra attention to. Here are some of the most popular customer service statistics that companies tend to keep track of:

  • Cart abandonment rate;
  • Customer feedback rate;
  • Open emails rate;
  • Unsubscribed mailing lists rate;
  • Preferred channels of communication;
  • Time most popular for inquiries.

Analyzing these customer service stats give businesses full understanding of their customer base and of the areas for improvement.

Tracking Statistics on Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction: How Are They Connected?

It is true. Tracking customer service statistics is not easy. Quite often the companies require a whole separate department that is going to track all the statistics and will analyze them, enunciating different theories on improving them and how they can be of service to the well-being of the company.

Take customer feedback. It is estimated that around 42% of companies do not ask for it at all. This means that they remain ignorant to what their customers really think and need. They fail to understand and acknowledge the importance of this kind of feedback. As a result, these companies fail to adjust their service to the customers’ wishes and can experience losses, as 33% of customers would consider changing the service provider after just one bad customer experience. 

Surely, there are several ways in which we can connect statistics on customer service and customer satisfaction rate. How is one connected to the other?

  • Statistics shows the needs and wants of the customers

It is one of the most important of the customer service facts — gathering statistics and compiling them into infographics makes it easier for vendors to see and understand what their customers really require and what they want fixed or improved. Not working with any of the statistics and failing to see certain patterns might result in a very low CX rate or in losing customers altogether.

  • Statistics shows problematic areas of a product or a service

The more stats there are, the easier it is to see the areas for improvement. For example, say that 58% of your customers took their time to complain about interface features that they simply do not find user-friendly or, for example, your payment system goes offline way too often indicating, that there might be a problem with it. If your customers complain, that means that they want the situation to improve for them to keep on enjoying the service. 

Note: the customers do not complain if they are just a one-time user or if they are not going to come back to you as a vendor. They only complain if they want to see the product prosper and develop for further use. 

  • Statistics shows which campaigns are working and which aren’t

Would you consider an ad or an email campaign that only had 3:1 ROI ratio successful? Of course not. It is said that the ratio of 5:1 and higher are acceptable. Anything less is considered a failure. This means that if you have invested $200 into a Facebook ad campaign, a return of $1000 is quite appropriate. Anything less is considered too low. 

Gathering statistics, counting your ROI and counting how many users responded to different campaigns with different slogans will show you which ones are the most effective and which ones bring you the most customers. This will optimize your spending and even-out your budget. 

  • Statistics makes connecting with your customer base easier

It is much easier to connect with your customer base when you know what they want and what they feel about your product. And it is impossible to know that without gathering the information and summing it up in some kind of percentage that will help you have all the data right in front of your eyes.

  • Statistics helps make future projects successful

Why should anyone gather the information and analyze the past performance? Because it is one of the keys of future success. Let’s try adding up all the above-mentioned: when you know what your customers want and need, when you know which campaigns are working efficiently, when you know how ROI you are aiming for, then you can at least try to predict whether your future endeavors will be successful. And if they are, then you will know that you are not only gathering the right statistics, but also using them in just the right way.

Customer Service Facts: Statistics Matter

What is the bottom line of all the information given above? Customer service statistics matter. They can not only help business grow and succeed at the moment but will also provide a great information base for future success. It is important to know how to gather and use the stats to benefit their business and attract the newest customers. 


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