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Customer service is a wonderful thing. By perfecting it, you not only create the best customer experience, but you can also expand your customer base as those who have worked with you become your preachers and can promote your services to their partners, further expanding your client and customer base. But, that is not all. By delivering the best customer service, you create a certain expectation of it in the markets, which becomes even a bigger motivation for you to move forwards and develop, with nothing limiting the process.

Survey says that one in three customers are losing faith towards their favorite brand after one bad customer experience. This means, that 33 percent of the customers are ready to turn their backs on different brands just because they did not meet an expected level of customer service. Now that is a metric that all vendors need to count with when conducting their QAs.  

And while we all understand the definition of an excellent customer service, the understanding of the ways to deliver it as well the consequence of delivering bad services might be a bit underwhelming. 

So, to start off, let’s see what are the consequences of failing to deliver exceptional customer service to the end users?

Lacking in service — lacking in customers

What does exceptional customer service mean to you? In reality, for different businesses, the benchmark of exceptional service varies greatly. And some have no idea what exceptional customer service definition is. They just drift along their business world, hoping that somewhere along the road they are going to find their own customer base that will be satisfied with the level of service the company is providing at the moment.

But, we have to look deeper and see: how to provide exceptional customer service and what are the consequences of lacking in the field?

1. Customer retention is going to be impossible

The most obvious consequence of a bad customer service — customer satisfaction will be low and, as a result, retention will be impossible as no one wants to deal with a vendor who provides bad services. Moreover, the power of word-of-mouth is going to take over and soon those providing bad services are not only going to have difficulties with retention, but will also find it impossible to gain new customers and clients.

And that is just the beginning. 

2. Reputation is going to decline

Surely, while losing the customers is bad enough, there is also a matter of reputation in the market. When you fail to see what truly exceptional customer service looks like and what it means, you start losing track of your values and agenda. As a result, your reputation is starting to decline rapidly. And, as we all know, a lost reputation is very hard and expensive to recover. 

3. You can start losing your teams

Inner processes are also influenced by bad customer service. A possible flow of bad reviews and angry customers are likely to drive away your best professionals, as they are simply not going to be able to deal with it on a daily basis. Doing so will inevitably lead to burnout and constant bad mood which will have an even worse impact on customer service.

Not caring about the quality of service you are providing is going to make your best performers jump ship and seek a better atmosphere elsewhere. 

4. You will see no profits and no success

What is the main perk of exceptional customer service? If your guess is enormous profits, then you are completely right. Failing to provide it will inevitably lead to monetary losses and this can result in losing the business altogether. 

It might be hard to define exceptional customer service. And it might be hard to notice when or if it starts failing. Describing exceptional customer service and understanding what you need to do to bring it all to life is the most important thing, when it comes to fixing your faults and ensuring a high UX. 

SupportYourApp examples of exceptional customer service — how do we ensure it?

SupportYourApp has a very long and extensive expertise in providing superb customer service to the end users of our clients. But, what is exceptional customer service and what are the ways that we ensure its delivery?

  • We respond as quickly as possible

We have clients operating in various fields. From SaaS to food delivery to software security — all of their end users want to get an excellent support service. But, it is important to note that different fields of operation require different times of first response, although all of them have to be kept as low as possible. 

It is also important to remember that different types of contact call for different first response time. For sure, phone calls require the quickest answers, chat is in the middle and email can take the longest to be answered. We at SupportYourApp cover all the means of communication and keep the first response time as low as possible for all of them.

  • 🚶🏼 We go the extra mile

In our fast-paced world not everyone has a desire or a possibility to go the extra mile. But, luckily, SupportYourApp does. And how do we manage it? Well, we, for example, reach out to those users, who have left bad Apple App Store or Google Play Store reviews to find out what their problem was and see whether we can help them resolve their issues. 

This practice has proven to be efficient when it comes not only to our own reputation, but to the reputation of our clients as well. End users feel heard and cared, which means that their UX is going to be high, and they are likely to be loyal to the brands we are supporting. 

  • ☝️ We make a customer our first priority

Everything to make a customer happy — that is one of our mottos. Providing an excellent customer service, means that we simply must put the customer experience above all and have to make sure that they are satisfied with the answers and the resolutions that they get from us. 

Every case of a customer unsatisfied (on the rare occasion when things like that do happen) is inspected under a microscope, and we thoroughly make sure that things like that do not happen ever again.

Providing an excellent customer service is our goal. And we do everything that we can to leave the customers satisfied.

  • 🔄 We ensure the collaboration between all of our departments

There is a very good reason why successful companies have a lot of departments — the more people you have, the better the processes are going to be covered and the fewer bottlenecks there are going to be. But, all these departments mean nothing if there is no good collaboration between them. If they fail to collaborate between themselves, here is where the problems start.

In order to eliminate this problem from the get go, SupportYourApp has invested into building and developing a smooth communication flow.


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