Customer Support for Social Media Accounts

Getting third party support for your social media account has just arisen as one of the services in the market. After all, managing one’s social media seems very private, and yet, it is quite time- and effort-consuming, especially if we talk about businesses that run and operate via Instagram or Facebook. 

No matter whether you are a Facebook business or an influencer, there is a reason why you should look into getting support for your social media pages from SupportYourApp and why you should do it as quickly as possible, if you want to see development and growth of your business. 

So, who needs to get support for their customer service on social media, why should they do it and what should any support vendor do to make it a success story? 

Who Should Get Customer Service Support for Social Media Accounts?

In reality, any business that uses social media for marketing purposes can get third-party support for their account to a third party vendor. It all depends on how busy your page is, how tight your schedule is and how prepared you are for a rapid growth. Because believe us, as soon as you get support for social media accounts from SupportYourApp you will definitely experience a lot of growth and development. 

1. 🤩 Influencers

Who are influencers? These are social media personas who by their collaboration with different brands can influence purchasing habits and behavior of their subscriber base. In other words, they collaborate with brands and promote their products — this is just another way to approach a brand’s marketing strategy and gain new users and customers. 

Nowadays influencers are the most powerful marketing tool. They are said to be 11 times more effective than billboard ads and consumers are said to believe them just as much as they believe their friends. They add up to about 3% of all social media users, and yet they influence about 90% of users. That is how powerful they are.

But with great power comes great… strain on a schedule. It is only natural that with the inflow of collaboration offers and subscribers’ requests not all influencers will be able to work through all the messages. That is why they need customer support for their social media pages more and more often. This way customers feel heard and their questions and inquiries are answered quickly. This will help both influencers and brands. Influencers will show their dedication to their subscribers and brands will get a customer base that is satisfied with the service right off the bat.


2. 📞 Companies with a big flow

63% of customers expect businesses to have a social media account and 90% of consumers have already connected with the vendors via social media. This means that a business’ social media presence is becoming a ‘must’ for the industry even if your direct customers and clients are making their decision outside the social media accounts.

If you are one of the lucky ones who runs a big social media business or represents a huge company like Apple, Microsoft or Givenchy, you have probably already come in contact with a big flow of questions or inquiries that you need to answer and follow up. Moreover, as a brand, you need to also dedicate time to analyze your page’s performance, adjust your audience and so on. And it is going to take a whole team to do that. 

Getting customer support for your business’ social media page will rid you of the need to dedicate an entire team to running your social media accounts and tracking all the necessary information. In order to decrease the influence of the social media obligations on the team, it is easier to simply get third-party support for these tasks from a team of professionals and to invest the resources left into development and scaling of the entire business.

3. 💰 Startups that want to cut their expenses

As weird as that might sound, customer support team can easily cut the expenses for small businesses and startups that are only forming their budget and their preferences. In this case, support can not only help them cut their expenses, but also provide them with a much needed brand-development expertise that they otherwise would have to pay for. 

Even though customer support team is not always the first choice for startups, it is surely one of the best investments that they can make when starting out and venturing off to the new endeavors and new campaigns.

Setting up a team for your social media account’s support might not be the easiest of tasks. And understanding when one should do it is also not the most obvious of points. But, when thinking about it, one should have a clear understanding of WHY they need customer service and support as there are many reasons this.

Why Should One Get Customer Support for Social Media Accounts?

There are a lot of reasons why a business or an influencer should consider support of their social media accounts. It might be the process of content creation and moderation. Might be the tracking of necessary KPIs or it might be the communication with the subscribers. Whatever it may be, there are plenty of reasons why support is right for you. 

Among others, here are the main ones:

  • To be available around the clock

24/7 services, especially when it comes to social media is a must. After all, internet and social media users never sleep, and you need to understand that when customers in the US are going to sleep, users in Australia are only waking up and starting their day. Thus, you need to be able to talk to all of them and to provide services and support to all of them with equal quality and speed. 

Of course, no one can be up 24/7 in order to provide customer support — it is simply unreal. BUT, one can get support for their social media management from a team that would service your account around the clock, ensuring that no matter at what time your customers and subscribers write to you, they can always reach you. 

  • To gain expertise on social media brand development

54% of social media users research a product or a brand via social media. If the representation is poor, the customer is likely to churn and to start looking for something else. As a result, businesses might lose customers if their social media accounts are not filled properly or if there is a roadblock in the communication. 

Support team will make sure that you gain expertise in brand development via social media on a daily basis. The team will be dedicated to your account only and you will surely see instant results.

  • To save resources

Time, money, workspace, attention, management effort. These are the core resources that a business can save if it chooses to get additional support for their social media management. Saving resources is one of the major reasons why businesses choose to do that. So why not think about getting support for your social media management team and save a lot of resources?

  • To be proactive and develop social media brand awareness

Like it was said before — the better your social media exposure is, the more likely it is that the customers will roll in and turn loyal. Customers who communicate with the brand via their Facebook or Instagram pages expect not only a superb service, but also a swift answer — within an hour tops — in order to deem a service good. Giving up your practical social media communication to a support team will leave you more time to develop new social media ad campaigns, understand your goals and aims and develop a perfect plan for your other teams. Talking to the customers, answering their questions, leaving responding comments — all of this can be cared for by your support vendor.

Are you thinking about support for your social media account?

Social Media Customer Support: Best Practices

When planning to get a third party customer support for your social media, you should definitely include the following points into the list. With time, you will see that they bring you the most results.

  • 🔝 Pick the best social media platform

Where can your target audience be found? Surely, the most popular social media are Facebook (over 2.7 billion users), Instagram (26.9 million users) and Twitter (152 million users). But which one of these is of primary usage when it comes to your target audience? Where will your content be seen and read the most and where will customer engagement be at its peak? Before building a social media strategy and getting support for your social media pages, it is important to conduct research and answer all these questions. This way you will be able to build a perfect strategy using the most perfect tools for reaching your goal. 

  • Follow all social media mentions

If your business is active and if you provide good service and engage with your audience, people will surely talk about it. And they are sure to mention you on the social media — in comments, their stories and in their posts reviewing your product. Influencers should especially be prepared for it as their subscribers are sure to mention them when they try out a product or service they promoted. 

Every business’ task is to follow these mentions and to at least try and turn it into another customer engagement tool. It will help you stay in touch with your audience and to see what reaction your product calls for. Great for when you want to understand your customers’ needs better.

  • 🙃 Use the appropriate tone of voice

Once again, it all comes down to your target audience and your customer base. What language and what tone do they want used and what will they respond to the best? Finding the appropriate tone of voice and using it in the right way to engage your customer base in the right and efficient way is one of the best things that a startup can do. 

In this regard, SupportYourApp will perfectly expand your team as we know exactly how to deliver your tone of voice to your customers and how to engage your customer base in the best way possible. We are going to help you just like we helped hundreds of businesses around the globe to up their social media game and display the best results via the best social media management strategy.

  • 😊 Make your brand and yourself as approachable as possible

Businesses cannot be intimidating. It is a simple truth that has come into our lives not so long ago. Customers now prefer to be able to communicate with brands, businesses and influencers without ever needing to leave their social media pages and business need to not only oblige to that wish, but also to make the communication process easy, productive and efficient. Build your communication in a way that will make you approachable and easy-to-reach. Otherwise, your customer base’s needs might be left unaddressed.

  • 🗒️ Take note of all customers’ reviews

Leaving a review for the product or a service on social media is becoming more and more widely-spread. 70% of customers are ready to leave a social media review for a vendor if asked. And surely, all businesses simply must ask a customer about a review. Why? Because it is a wonderful opportunity as well as an additional excuse to communicate with your customers as you get to follow up on every review and even show off a wonderful customer service by resolving an issue that a customer has talked about in the review, without even contacting a support team. 

By the way, it is a practice that we at SupportYourApp are using frequently. This way we are satisfying customers by using an omnichannel approach and saving up their time.

Social Media as a Communication Tool of the Future

We are still in the process of shifting to an all-things-social-media world, where all customer-business communication will be conducted over social media. Where social media customer support is an industry standard and where brands get support for their social media accounts. But we are rapidly moving towards it. And those brands that have already selected a customer support vendor like SupportYourApp are ahead of the curve, meaning that they will sooner adapt to the new norm and, as a result, will be able to provide outstanding customer support while others are only setting up their social media teams. 

Be as open and as represented as you can — it is the true way to reach your customers’ hearts. 


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