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It is said that 97 percent of customers claim that good quality of service plays a paramount importance in retaining their loyalty. That means that almost all customers make their choice of vendors or a service provider by the quality of the service. That is why the QA or Quality assurance process is given so much attention. After all, conducting regular QA ensures that the customer base is satisfied and that the quality of service is held on the same level without sinking. 

But, quality assurance for different businesses means different things. And there is a whole separate way that we at SupportYourApp approach our QA process for our outsourced tech support teams. So, today we would like to talk about call center QA and how SupportYourApp manages it. 

What is quality assurance in a call center?

First, let’s discuss what does quality assurance in a call center mean and what KPIs we are looking at when conducting it. 

At SupportYourApp the Team Leaders conduct a QA process once per month or as often as our clients want us to — the time frames differ from team to team. To see how the team is performing, the Team Leader looks at all means of communication: email, chat and phone calls. They randomly select the conversation for each of the support consultants and then discuss the quality of answers based on the following points:

  • 💬 The language used by the consultant — this includes grammar, wording, vocabulary used and so on.
  • 🤝 The level of empathy and politeness — no matter how irritated the customer might be, our teams always stay calm and help them despite the attitude displayed by the user.
  • The result — did the consultant resolve the ticket or was the escalation process performed correctly?
  • 😬 The mistakes — we are all people and no matter how much we want to help the customers and how hard we are training the teams, an occasional and extremely rare mistake might happen. If it is spotted during the QA process, the Team Lead talks to the consultant, resolves all the questions and makes sure that the mistake doesn’t occur ever again. 

Combined, these points ensure that we embrace the entire process of QA with the attention and urgency it requires. After all, providing quality customer support is our calling, and we want to make sure that we keep on being the best at it. 

Want to hire QA-assured call center services?

Quality assurance in a call center — why do we need it?

Call center quality assurance is not an easy process to conduct. You need to know exactly where and what to look out for in order to deliver the best service possible. You also need to understand the reasoning behind the process. Why are you doing this and why do you need to communicate the reasons to your team? SupportYourApp has long come to these conclusions and here is why we pay so much attention to the process.

1. 📈 It helps us develop and grow

Making a QA process one of our priorities, we facilitate our growth and our development as a company. How? Well, after every QA we try to find the most efficient ways to conduct and approach the process to optimize it as much as we can and to ensure that we only raise the quality, which can be a good influence on the customer satisfaction level. 

2. 👋 It helps us keep up with our own agenda and with the agenda of our clients

One of the more obscure reasons for monthly QA is keeping up with ours and our clients’ agendas. By checking whether we deliver the best services we can, we ensure that we follow all the KPI and that we translate all our clients’ values all the while maintaining our customer centric approach. We lay down the ground for this during our extensive training sessions. SupportYourApp dedicated onboarding department makes sure that all the newcomers get the information they need to not only provide the best customer support, but also to pass QA with flying colors every month, further improving their skills. 

3. 😃 It helps our consultants provide the best services

Let’s be fair. No one likes to be judged and no one likes it when someone checks whether their job is done correctly. But quality assurance for call center consultants is a necessary process to implement if you want to establish and maintain certain quality standards. Knowing that there is a QA process at the end of every month, our consultants use every tool and piece of knowledge at their disposal to pass it. 

Of course, QA is not the only way that we keep our KPIs high with. We encourage our teams with additional feedforward talks, openness in communication, prevention of the burnout and even the chance to join our management team. Giving everyone plenty of room for development provides us with a lot of motivation for providing the best outsourced customer service. 

4. 👀 It helps us detect bottlenecks and knowledge gaps

This is the main point for conducting QA in general. During day-to-day processes, it might be difficult to see the areas for improvement or bottlenecks. But, when listening to the conversation or when reading chat iterations, it is easy to see and hear little mistakes, long pauses between iterations or a general lack of consultant’s empathy or interest in the customer. In general, it is easy to spot the things that spoil the entire customer experience and fix them from the get-go, confirming that they never happen again.

5. 💼 It helps us set industry standards

Outsourced customer support is a very competitive field. Those working here have to elevate service standards and make sure that their own standards are up-to-date. That is not an easy task, given the speed with which the technology is developing. We at SupportYourApp are looking for new ways to elevate the quality of our service to push the industry and, as a result, ourselves forward.


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