Taking Ownership in Our Customer Groups. How can We Bring Positive Changes for Our Customers?

Motivating the professionals in the company to care about the business, as if it is their own. Now, that is the dream for any management team and for any CEO. But, as told by Dan Kennedy in No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits this expectation is quite unreasonable. 

And here is where we come along one problem — if people inside the company do not care, how are they going to take ownership? Where are they going to find motivation and desire to be proactive and what is going to be their reasoning? After all, it is so much easier to stay under the radar and do one’s job simply ‘acceptably’. 

How do we at SupportYourApp encourage and motivate the consultants to take ownership and work within our customer centric culture? 

What is customer centricity to SupportYourAppers?

The best way to describe customer centricity is one simple, but vital word — foundation. There is no SupportYourApp without it, such is our firm belief. And while it might seem that implementing such a philosophy might be extremely hard, it actually isn’t, if you hire the right people. 

How to make sure that we hire, who we call “SupportYourApp people”?

There are two stages of expanding outsourced support teams with the people who are going to take the ownership all the while maintaining customer centricity:

  • Job interviews — evaluating soft and communication skills while talking to the potential candidates for the job helps us understand whether the person is going to be able to take ownership and initiative. 
  • Onboarding — during this process we not only evaluate hard skills but also teach the future consultants how to remain calm while dealing with the tickets of any difficulty. At this stage we can already say what project will suit the future consultant and what team is going to be the best match for them. This ensures, that taking initiative and being proactive is going to be easy for them as they are going to operate in the environment, best suited for them. 

The process of selecting and onboarding only the candidates with specific soft and hard skills helps us create and maintain an environment where team management promotes taking ownership of the work.

Promoting taking the ownership

Even though every big company expects that its professionals are going to be taking ownership, it is not an easy process to set up. For this, one has to set clear team objectives, promote customer centricity and encourage positive behaviors, no matter the circumstances. 

Developing the sense of ownership at work

There are several points that we adhere to in order for our customer support consultants to take ownership of their work. 

🤔 Understanding the purpose and the scope

How can the professionals in your team take the ownership and display initiative if they do not understand what they are aiming for? In order to escape this problem we set our goals straight right from the start we need to: 

  • See the positive feedback from the end user, even if it means reaching out to them after they have left a negative feedback and fixing whatever they were unsatisfied with.
  • See the end user satisfaction rate grow and the number of users expand.
  • See our clients’ KPI grow.

These are just some goals that we are trying to reach when promoting taking ownership among our teams of customers support consultants. 

😃 Motivating to take the leadership

Is it possible to motivate the team to take ownership? Sure! The main goal here is to set clear aim and objectives, as well as give the consultants a feeling of accomplishment when they are dealing with a tough ticket.

And what is resolving a difficult case? It is an accomplishment. Moreover, it is a chance to learn something new and make sure that next time such an inquiry from the end user is not going to be difficult at all. If that is not progress, then we don’t know what is. 

Here it is also very important to set a clear list of tasks for every member of the team. Nobody is going to want to take ownership when the requirements and tasks are not clear. Setting up with Asana account or our QCRM system is going to solve the problem right away. 

🔥 Preventing burnout

It is impossible to take ownership all the time. From time to time it is necessary to take a step back and relax to prevent burning out. What does SupportYourApp management do to prevent burnout? It’s simple — we talk with those who need it. Our consultants know that they can come and talk to any of their supervisors at any time. 

💛 Treating consultants as if they are the clients

One of the golden rules of life — treat others like you want to be treated yourself. SupportYourApp has embraced this thesis, and we can surely say that such an approach works. Cultivating the culture of politeness and trust inside the company helps us not only carry this culture into the world, but also develop a sense of ownership at work. 

🤝 Setting up trusting environment 

Trust within the team is pivotal when it comes to motivating the professionals inside your company to show initiative. One cannot exist without the other. Taking ownership means trusting your colleagues to do the right thing and trusting your colleagues means letting and motivating them to take the ownership. In the end this cycle is going to lead to the teams taking ownership of their work and the company running more efficiently than ever. 

Motivating an outsourced support team to take ownership. It is one of the most effective tools in the modern customer support world. Building our company on the principles of customer centricity and promoting taking the ownership inside our customer support teams makes our workflow smooth and easy, which, in its turn, creates the best atmosphere for efficient and timely resolution of customer tickets. 


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