Beyond Support: Investing in Personal and Professional Development of Our Teams

We live in a world where working alone is a thing of the past. Teams are ruling the business world, and we have to develop within the scopes of this new reality. And it seems that the further we go, the more importance working in teams gets. Team development is one of the core trends to research, especially now, when remote work has come in between the professionals in different  teams. And it is obvious — the better the teams are collaborating, the better their results will be and the faster the end users’ UX is going to improve.

🤩 We at SupportYourApp pay extra attention to team development and have a decade of expertise in the topic. This helps our clients be successful, and provides positive changes for business in every segment that we are working with. So, when it comes to team development, we pay attention to everything — starting from their basic computer knowledge all the way up to determining  the best position for each of the consultants to work and develop in.

Professional development through hard skills

The right place and the right skills

We firmly believe that there can be no professional growth, if the professionals in the teams are put into the wrong soil. That is why, while conducting the interviews with the candidate for the position at SupportYourApp and during the onboarding process we look deep and careful into their skill set to see, which place is going to be the most suitable for their future development as an outsource customer support consultant. 

Determining a proper place ensures that the newcomer is going to be a vital part of an already existing team and that all of its members are going to be complimenting each other, which will result in an efficient workflow and a smooth ticket resolution process.

Growth through delegation

Of course, every once in a while we all can hit sort of a wall — a time when all the necessary skills are acquired and there seems to be nothing left to learn. In this case we implement a special delegation system — a set of tasks, a consultant hasn’t dealt with before, which are going to stimulate their acquiring the new skills. This system works perfectly, as there is a huge motivation — a possibility to professionally grow within SupportYourApp structure.

The more you learn and the quicker you develop, the faster you are going to climb the professional ladder — this is the possibility we are giving our consultants. 

Sharing is caring

All SupportYourApp managers are open to sharing their experience and their knowledge (all within the scopes of various NDAs that we sign with our clients, of course). Plus, all the teams have a Delivery Manager — a person who is there to teach every consultant the product and the knowledge base, who communicates with the clients and who delivers all the information to the team, as well as checks their knowledge of the product they are supporting on a regular basis.

🤔 To put it short — a Delivery Manager is the main person when it comes to team development in SupportYourApp, although we all are invested into building the best teams for providing the best outsource customer support.

Personal development is the key to success

Apart from what we’ve already covered, personal skills are important for consultants and managers, as they help them feel better about themselves and the work they do. But why is that important to us? 

Through decades of expertise we have learned that developing personal skills also cultivates a thirst for knowledge in the workplace and doesn’t let one go lazy. Reading, watching webinars on setting up communication flows and learning new tools for organizing a smooth workflow are all parts of one big process — team development for a better future. 

We also found motivation to be one of the most important things when it comes to constant development and learning. 

Emotional intelligence as a team development tool

Emotional intelligence is such an important topic for us, that our book club even dedicated a whole month to reading Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman

Emotions are something that can not only be controlled, but channeled and aimed at delivering the best customer support service and ensuring that the level of professionalism is being raised higher and higher with every resolved ticket.

Developing our emotional intelligence also helps us prevent burnouts in the workplace, as dealing with them is a common problem nowadays, with the overflow of the information and the specifics of working in an outsource customer support company.

We have also discovered that developing our emotional intelligence can help us grow in ways that are the most suitable and useful for our clients and their end users. Developing it helps us:

  • Have real impact on clients’ business through efficient communication with the end users

Efficient communication with the end users means that their tickets are resolved quickly and correctly. As a result, their UX is growing and the customers stay loyal to the vendors because of the superb customer service. Surely, this has a tremendous impact on our clients’ businesses as it ensures that their customers come back to them.

  • Have loyal teams who stay with us

SupportYourApp takes all the hiring and training off of our clients’ hands. Of course, no major decision is made without them, but we make the process as easy and smooth for them, as we possibly can. The more careful and emotionally available we are, the less professional churn we see within the teams. As a result, the cost of hiring new consultants is very low — after all, there is no need to constantly look for the new candidates to replace those who decided to leave.

  • Form a good reputation and make working with us comfortable

Outsourcing customer support is not an easy decision to make. Too often vendors are hesitant to make this step because they are afraid that the services they will get will be less than optimal. Motivating our teams to develop their emotional intelligence and other soft and hard skills that help them be better at their job, ensures that collaborating with us is easy for both — the new consultants and the new clients.

Yes, as you can see, we pay a lot of attention towards our development and our emotional intelligence. This habit is at the core of SupportYourApp as it helps us not only provide the best customer support service, but also motivates our teams to work and professionally evolve together. And the further we go, the better we become. Together, as a team.


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