How Can Customer Support of Your Current Clients Improve Conversion Rate for Your Future Acquisitions?

Having a good customer support for your current clients’ end users is sure to bring you the new ones. Yes. This statement is pretty bold, but nevertheless, it is true. In B2B and B2C worlds there is a cycle — the better your services get, the more clients you are going to receive (by referral, for example). And the more clients you are getting, the better your services are going to become, as you are to comply with more and more requirements, further perfecting your services.

To further broaden your client base you not only have to ensure that you have good services. You also have to pay more attention to your conversion rate, as conversions are your potential clients. 

But before we go in deeper, we have to start with the basics — what is conversion rate and why do we pay so much attention to it?

Conversion rate — the key metric behind your business

What is conversion? Generally, conversion is a process of changing from one state into another. But in the world of business, it is one of the key metrics of effectiveness and future growth. Let’s look at conversion closer by taking on the example of a website. 

On a commercial website conversion occurs when a website’s visitor completes a desired (by a website owner) goal. It is important to note that each business sets its own type of conversions. Most typically they are: 

  • 🤑 A sale;
  • 🛒 A user adding something to the cart;
  • 📧 A user leaving their email address;
  • 📞 A user filling out a “Call back” form;
  • 🧡 An item being added to the wishlist and so on.

Conversion rate can be calculated by dividing a total number of the website visitors by the number of those who have made a conversion. So, if out of 500 visitors, 50 has made a conversion, the conversion rate is 10 percent.

And for sure, a large number of conversions means that you have built your website correctly and that your services and wares are attractive enough for the users to make these conversions. 

But, of course, the more — the better. And it is even more true for our topic today. 

It is a very natural desire of everyone trying to develop and scale their business over the internet — how can you improve the number of conversions and ensure that they are growing with accordance to the marketing plan?

Ways to increase the number of conversions

1. Ensure that you have a superb customer service

What is the point of trying to increase your customer and client base when you can barely deal with their existing users? You have to make sure that you are delivering the best services possible before ever thinking about increasing the conversion rate.

2. Develop a top-notch content plan and maintain the quality throughout your operation

There are several means, by implementing which you can ensure that the clients want not only to visit your website, but also to make conversions on it. And of course, creating and posting an excellent and unique content is one of them. Make sure that your website is not only handy and engaging but also has a lot of value for a specific client. The more value you offer with your content, the more conversions you are going to see.  

3. Be completely see-through and maintain high UX

Ensure that your services are see-through and very understandable for the potential clients. No hidden fees or unsaid options. Business world is no place for surprises, so make sure that there are none for your clients. This will result in a very high UX level as their expectations are going to meet the reality 100 percent.

4. Add REAL testimonials

What do clients, especially in a B2B world want to see? Successful results. And if you add real testimonials on your home page, they are going to ensure those about to converse, that another click and a sign up is a good and effective way to up their game. 

5. Show off your team

Our Team page on your website is surprisingly effective when it comes to raising your conversion rate. After all, it is so much more pleasant to have to deal with the people who you have already seen or read at least some information about. It forms a kind of trust with a potential vendor and can easily motivate any visitor of your website to turn into your client. 

6. Go through your customer journey yourself

Try to converse yourself. Go to your own website and see how easy and understandable the processes are. To be completely sure, you can even hire a test group who are going to tell all the ups and downs of their experience. 

Going through all the steps yourself will give you a clear view of how your customers perceive your services and how likely they are not only to converse, but also to turn loyal to your brand in the long run.

Client conversion and retention — how are they linked?

It seems that conversion and retention are two completely different processes. The first one is the process of creating a new client, the second one is doing everything to keep them. But, in reality, they are not so different and can easily help each other and your business. 

For example, both of them can come as a result of good reviews that clients see on various web resources. For sure, these help them make a decision and can easily influence the size of your client base.

So, how to ensure that both of these do not sink? Well, for starters, understand that looking out for one, does not cancel another — you have to pay close attention to both at the same time, so that the UX of one of the groups doesn’t sink. 

Second point to remember is that you need to have separate dedicated teams who are going to work with these groups separately to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. This is one of the best ways to make both retention and conversion rates not only stay on the same level, but grow. 

Conversion rate — is it worth the effort?

⁉️ So, is chasing a high conversion rate worth the effort and the time? Well, sure. Conversions are your future clients. The more there are, the better you are doing. For sure, businesses have to pay extra close attention to their conversion rate and to the ways that they can elevate it. This is the foundation for the successful run of business.


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