How we train our teams to deliver support for a complicated product fast and efficiently?

Training a support team is not an easy task. One needs a lot of resources and a lot of energy in order to make the newcomers into real professionals and to make them know the product they are supporting inside and out. But, being tough as it is, just like in video games, there is always a level harder right ahead. 

And what is harder than training a team of support consultants? Training them to support a complicated and technically difficult product. And surely, when the world is as fast-paced, it is no wonder that more and more difficult products arise in the market constantly. That means that virtually every day there is a growing need for more tech-savvy support consultants, than there was a day before. 

Of course, some see this as an unnecessary complication. We at SupportYourApp see this as a possibility to develop and transfer to the next step in our company knowledge set. 

Complicated means challenging — turning customer care training into a chance to develop

Dealing with a lot of projects and a lot of products means that you have to be ready to jump higher and higher all the time. But of course, the difficulty depends on the angle under which you are looking at a certain project and a certain training routine. 

A manager can approach the product from various sides. Deciding their own view of the situation, they can easily set the tone for the entire team. Most often a manager can one of three different roads towards the product:

1. ☹️ “It’s so complicated, we cannot do it”

Approaching the task with a negative attitude from the very beginning is pretty much dooming the process. Perceiving the project as the hardest thing you have ever done and communicating this opinion to your team is one of the worst things that you can do while setting up a customer service skills training system. 

2. 🙄 “We can always try, but we cannot guarantee success”

Even though this approach is way better than the one we described above, giving yourself room to escape from the project if it gets too complicated for your taste can play an evil joke on you and your team. Even though it is important to have some place for maneuvering, do not make your abandonment plans too obvious and too approachable. 

3. 😃 “Wow! That is an amazing chance to expand the team and to learn something new!”

For sure, that is the best way of thinking and acting when it comes to training customer service consultants. Looking at the situation like at a real chance to get some new experience and expand your team with some real professionals who can help you learn more about modern technology will not only help you push through the difficulties, but will also raise the morale of the team.

As you can see, the correct approach and just the right point of view will give you about 40 percent of success when it comes to training your team to support a complicated tech product. 

Training a customer support team: milestones of the process

When it comes to complicated projects and difficult tech-demanding products, it is important to say that there are several milestones to note. The milestone that we at SupportYourApp have already gone through. We:

  • Explain the peculiarities of the process to the client

Of course, if the client comes to us for help, they obviously know that their product is very demanding and very difficult. And we explain that supporting it is not going to be an easy task right off the bat. Although, we do know what we are capable of. If we are sure that we will be able to find the people right for the job, then we assure our clients that even despite the difficulty of the task, our team is going to be able to provide them with the help they need. 

  • Set the right requirement during the hiring stage

Not everyone is ready to work with a difficult and demanding product. Some do not want to have this kind of responsibility, some are not interested in such experience and some simply lack the knowledge to provide the best customer service. Training here is possible, but there has to be at least some base onto which you can layer additional information. 

Setting the right requirements and being crystal clear with the candidates for the job will make sure that you are going to wind up with the best. 

  • Develop a good onboarding program

One of the key ingredients of setting up a good team is a good onboarding technique. Tools like Schoox and Google Forms are going to help make sure that you are giving all the information and that the newcomers are digesting it fast and efficiently. SupportYourApp team can attest — elaborate onboarding process allows us to gain an even deeper understanding of the newcomers and to open them up from some new sides. 

Onboarding allows us to see those who are going to be the best for complicated products. We see their tech-savviness, their ability to quickly adapt to the new environment and their willingness to get and remember a lot of new information. The process shows us the best of the best — the consultants who then proceed to work in our most difficult projects. 

  • Ensure a learning-inducing environment

After everything is said and done, the hardest part is right ahead. As soon as onboarding is finished, the time comes to start researching the product itself. And here it is important to have a supporting and development-inducing atmosphere that makes it easy for the consultants to communicate, learn, ask for advice and, as a result, become a real team together. 

Surely, we at SupportYourApp have already gone through all of these stages. Having a decade-long expertise in customer service training for our consultants, had helped us establish a perfect balance when it comes to training and developing materials for those who are going to be supporting a complicated product requiring a lot of technical knowledge. Moreover, we are striving to keep on developing and hiring the professionals who are ready to take on the new heights every day. That is how we ensure that even the most complicated product gets the support it needs.


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