SAAS Customer Support: Best Practices

As we have already mentioned, SupportYourApp provides outsource customer support to businesses from various segments. As a result, through a decade of experience, we have gained a vast expertise in the matter. So, we decided that it is high time for us to look deeper into the customer support service for businesses from different segments and with different needs. First one up — our clients who operate in SaaS segment and their customers. 

What is SaaS? How specific are their needs and how can we develop to provide them with the best customer service in the market?

From here on, let’s start with the basics! 

What is SaaS and how to ensure high customer satisfaction?

SaaS — full name Software as a Service — is a segment that deals with data and the possibility to access it from any device at customer’s disposal. Among the best examples of SaaS businesses are Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Adobe and Slack. And, just like in any other business segment, there are several peculiarities that we have to take into consideration when building a SaaS support model. 

  • SaaS operations do not require any extensive hardware, as all of their processes run online. As a result for those who provide SaaS customer and technical support, the best practices would be concentrating on learning the latest development in software, rather than in hardware. 
  • SaaS models are usually operated according to the subscription, which means that those, supporting the products, have to keep in mind that the customers are to be eligible for retention and are to be willing to come back to the company. To ensure that, vendors need to invest into a superb production and support teams, to deliver an excellent and memorable  UX. 

SaaS tech support: best practices, to keep the KPIs up

For sure, just like in any support, SaaS support model has to follow certain KPIs in order to be deemed efficient and successful. And there are several obligatory points that have to be covered when it comes to keeping customer support service for our SaaS-operating clients. 

So, what are the most important KPIs when it comes to IT support?

1. 📝 The number of created support tickets

For sure, when it comes to providing customer support, the number of tickets is the main thing to look out for. Tracking the number of the tickets is going to help the support provider understand, whether their team is capable of dealing with the inflow of these tickets and whether the team has sufficient knowledge to resolve all the customer inquiries in a timely and precise manner. 

Plus, the more tickets there are, the less understandable and bug-free the product is. It is an excellent indicator when it comes to deciding whether the product needs upgrading or improving to match the ever-growing customer demand. 

2. ☝️ Average first response and resolution time

These KPIs are universally crucial. Every SupportYourApp team keeps them as low as possible, as the shorter the first response time is, the better the first impression of the customer is. As a result, customers see our teams for what they are — groups of caring and happy-to-help professionals who want to resolve all the tickets as soon and as efficient as possible. Why is it so important?

Well, the end users do not like to have to wait to see their tickets resolved, as a result, the first response time fully corresponds to the high or low level of UX. The lower the first response time is — the more satisfied your customers are going to be. 

But, responding only makes half of it. Resolving the issues quickly and in the right way gives the end users a feeling of dealing with true professionals and, as a result, can influence company’s  retention level. What does it matter that you have a quick first response if it takes you ages to resolve an average ticket?

Keeping both of these KPIs under a market average time is what makes SupportYourApp a great partner when it comes to outsourcing SaaS customer support to.

3. 🔄 Churn rate

Unfortunately, customer churn is something that all the companies have to deal with. The only thing we can do, is try to minimize it with providing an excellent customer support and making sure that all the end users feel heard and feel that their tickets and inquiries matter. There are several ways to make that happens: 

  • Train your customer support consultants with proper knowledge base and proper materials;
  • Set up a perfectly smooth communication flow that will facilitate fast and correct ticket resolution;
  • Implement all the possible means of communication;
  • Establish which SaaS support model suits the needs of your customers the best.

4. 💵 Fiscal state

For sure, money decides it all. And regular analysis of the fiscal state of things is going to immensely help you understand whether your customer support is doing its job correctly. How? Well, it is easy — if your customers are ready to come back and purchase your services and products again and again, this means that they are completely satisfied with everything you provide for them, your support team included.

In reality, there are dozens of KPIs that a business can track in order to understand the efficiency of their support team. It is a completely individual choice for every business, and they can change as the business and its customer base is growing and business goals are evolving.

SaaS: best practices for building a support team

We at SupportYourApp understand the aspects and peculiarities of customer support services for SaaS companies. That is why we are the best partner to choose for these services. We also dive deep into the needs of every customer, which gives us an excellent understanding of what is expected from every vendor, which allows us to build the best and most efficient SaaS customer support model that we possibly can. 

So, what are the tech support best practices when it comes to SaaS and addressing the needs of the vendors in the field?

  • Make support fully ‘integrable’

Platforms don’t want users to leave their website or application. Hence, the possibility to contact the support team is often integrated right into the platform. In SupportYourApp we work with all possible CRM systems to be fully flexible and integrable. This helps us accommodate every need of our clients and their customers.

  • Treat every ticket with respect and attention it needs

SaaS companies usually have several platforms and tickets from each of them should be treated differently upon the specifics of UX and upon their urgency and their timeliness. Surely, the inquiries that require attention the most usually come via phone calls. This is the most efficient and effective way to resolve a ticket fast and to make sure that the support consultant has fully understood and embraced the needs and issues, faced by a customer. 

  • Provide 24/7 customer support

SaaS is a huge segment with companies from all over the world taking a vital part in its development and operation. And it is understandable that when seeking customer support solutions, the question of time is a pivotal one. 

24/7/365 is a perfect SaaS support model. Especially if we are talking about further improving the UX and elevating industry standards. 

  • Make everything as detailed and informative as possible

SaaS support requires a more specific reports and tickets segmentation as well as a more detailed knowledge base, as they are used for constant product update and UX improvement. Keeping everything up to date and further developing them is not only going to take the heat off of the support consultants (by building up tier 0 support) but will overall improve the image of your product, further cementing the customer centric approaches. 

SaaS support model and SupportYourApp — how we make sure that you stay on top of your game 

We at SupportYourApp always ensure that we build the best, most suitable and professional team, no matter what field you operate within. We also understand that SaaS businesses have very specific needs and expectations from your customer support. So, to make sure that our services suit all the expectations, we take several extra steps: 

  • 🏄‍♀️ Hire and onboard only the candidates that possess the right background and the right skills for the job;
  • 📚 Train our customer support consultants and develop a specific knowledge base for them to refer to, to resolve difficult tickets;
  • ✅ Make sure to check the knowledge of our teams with special tests and quizzes;
  • 🤝 Always mind the atmosphere inside the teams and, if needed, improve it with various team building techniques and activities to help the professionals develop the sense of shoulder. 

Of course, there are many more steps that we take in order to assure that the teams are working perfectly and make IT support the best practice that SaaS segment has seen. 

SaaS customer support model — importance in the modern business world

As we have already mentioned, SaaS is a complicated field. It requires a lot of knowledge and understanding of technical processes. Plus, it is one of the most fast-paced developing segments. As a result, those, working with SaaS support, have to follow all the trends to have a basic understanding of what customers are going to want to see in the future. This will sure help stay ahead of the curve, creating even more motivation to move forward. 

One thing is for sure — even though we have already passed decades of development in the segment, it is still only just beginning, which means that trends for customer support in SaaS are going to develop from here on. And we at SupportYourApp are fully prepared to develop together with them.


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