To be Successful is to be Flexible: How We Created a CRM System to Provide Customized Services

In the business environment of today, many executives understand that customers are their most important business asset. An ability to maintain a good relationship with customers and keep their perception of the business positive can define if the company will survive among the competitors. Additionally, data-driven culture has long become a synonym of a successful business strategy.

Business stakeholders, CEOs, managers and analysts globally understand that even decisions about their customers must be based on robust data in order to make impactful changes, increase profitability and set strategies to take a leap forward. And there is software that makes collection and analysis of this data easy.

CRM Systems and Why Use Them

What is CRM?

‼️ Under the abbreviation CRM (customer relationship management) business specialists mean a set of strategies and tools aimed at understanding interactions between the company and its customers. CRM systems are specific company-wide business software that is used to gather but also manage these interactions.

Whenever a customer gets in contact with a company through any of the support channels, they all go through the CRM system, making it easy to track, besides aggregating large amounts of customer-related data. CRM solutions both ease support agents’ work and improve an understanding of your specific market niche, of what their likes, needs, wants are and what their overall customer experience is.

Among a few benefits of CRM are:

  • ⚙️ Administering all customer-company interactions;
  • 👏🏻 Better understanding of both productivity of your teams and their improvement potential;
  • 🔖 Staying on the same page all throughout your departments with careful frequent updates on your target audience;
  • 📌 Ability to immediately pinpoint and fix issues with your product or service;
  • 💼 Direct your business decisions to drive new sales and to generate more loyalty loops.

CRM software enables data-driven marketing strategy, content marketing and, more generally, decision-making, which later on translates into higher profitability and better reputation among the clientele. Although you can get lots of information from CRM, as the matter of fact, most companies quite often don’t use the full scale of its functions. When integrating this system across your business, note that different departments should learn how to use it, know what data is available and how to extract it.

QCRM and Why We Had to Reinvent the Wheel

Delivering customer services, we noticed that many of the companies were losing benefits of Customer Relationship Management software just because its interface design wasn’t user-friendly and its data wasn’t particularly readable to drive changes in decision-making. Therefore, observing many companies struggle with finding a CRM alternative that works for them, we have decided to unveil the full potential of this technology and develop our own software, QCRM, here at SupportYourApp. 

QCRM is an omnichannel helpdesk with a collaborative mailbox, integrated telephony, which works directly from the browser, and a compact live chat. QCRM also has two systems merged within it — QUIDGET and QUOSTON.

QUIDGET is a sleek live chat which may be incorporated directly onto the web page. While QUOSTON is a machine learning algorithm designed for support agents’ productivity. Automation is utilized to prioritize tickets based on sentiment analysis, to suggest replies, to translate texts and to transcribe calls into text. All of these combined provide a complete software for seamless performance of teams of any size.

🥰 Our products and services are rooted in customer centricity. That is why we design and customize the original QCRM software to fit the specific business requirements and workflows of our clients, for instance, by introducing comfortable customized support options or adding a billing system.

How to Make Data at Hand Useful?

You can find lots of data in a CRM system. But what use does it have if you can’t read it properly or it requires a ton of effort to extract it? The dashboard is another important QCRM feature worth mentioning. Through the dashboard, clients not only gather all the necessary data, but also generate at-a-glance analytical outputs of the key performance indicator metrics

Visual representations simplify the process and display metrics representing the quality of a customer service. Unlike mere exportable data, this allows to find answers to why metrics change and what to do with them.

For Customer Experience Managers this means the ability to track individual consultants performance and ticket flows. Marketing department can make use of it to check frequently asked questions and most important features in order to implement those into communication strategy. Developers can understand which consumer journey steps still have areas for improvement or even catch some bugs. 

The dashboard includes a wide library of both operational (handling time, resolution rate, ticket volume, etc.) and experience (customer satisfaction, net promoter score, retention rate, etc.) KPIs with benchmarks for each metric to control SLA. But every business is unique, and although there are basic KPIs to measure, it is best to include only valuable information on the dashboard. We have learned that with experience, and that is why we implemented the possibility of total dashboard customization. With unique features and abilities of QCRM, our clients not only get customer service and a well-designed software, but also qualitative data and direct consumer insights to continuously improve their business. 

No matter which CRM system you decide to use, make sure that your company utilizes the most of its features and uses all the beneficial data it can provide.


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