How Call Center Workers Can Maintain Health On The Job

Working at a call center can require long hours of sitting, overnight shifts, and lots of time looking at a computer. Did you know that these parts of your job can be detrimental to your health? Luckily, there’s a lot of things you can do to maintain your health while on the job so you can feel and perform your very best.

Manage your sleep cycle

If you work the night shift, that may result in sleep issues due to your irregular schedule. Unfortunately, working overnight shifts can affect physical and mental health which can cause a drop in productivity and performance at work if you’re not proactive about maintaining a regular sleep schedule. If you work nights then make sure to limit your light exposure during the day, try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time daily, and be aware of using your electronics too much before bed. This way, you can get the best sleep possible and feel ready for another night of work.

Electronics can affect the circadian rhythm because of blue light they emit, which is the same type of light that the sun gives off. While at work, you may not be able to avoid using electronics, and they can be bothersome to your health and productivity during the day too. This can keep you awake when you’re trying to sleep and cause headaches and eye strain when you’re working. To reduce the effects you feel from using your computer for an extended period of time, try out new blue light glasses at work to block some of the light from reaching your eyes.

Be aware of listener fatigue

Listener fatigue is a real issue that call center workers may experience. Listener fatigue is caused by hearing constant noise for hours on end which can result in ringing ears and exhaustion. Listening takes a lot of work from the brain and when it’s your job, it’s important to feel alert and ready to listen to customers on the other end of the line. To help combat fatigue, take frequent, quiet breaks from your work or if you’re feeling overwhelmed practice deep breathing exercises to reduce stress caused by listening.

Listening to customers can be stressful when you’re dealing with a particularly difficult person. It’s important to remain professional when on the line with someone who is causing you stress and irritation (or even burnout). It can be hard, especially if you’re exhausted, but remember to keep your voice low, don’t take their comments personally, and treat them with empathy. Interacting with people who are less-than-friendly can be bad for mental health so after a tough call, take a break to recover before going back to work.

Maintain good ergonomics

Unfortunately, working at a desk all day can cause back problems. The lack of movement, poor posture, and even holding a phone between your shoulder and ear can be detrimental to the body. See how to set up your desk ergonomically to prevent pain and serious issues over time. Additionally, stand up frequently, be active on your breaks, and exercise outside of work to avoid back pain!


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