Social Media Management Outsourcing

We offer a social media presence that helps our upcoming clients' build a devout customer-base:

  • Social Media Customer Care
  • Social Media Presence and Management

Why Take Advantage Of Social Media?

Having a social media presence is vital in crafting your brand image & making sure your followers can receive the support they need — even on their favourite social media sites. With over 1.5 BILLION smartphone users — it's imperative to have social media support that caters to this new communication platform. In addition to receiving constant feedback — giving customers access to the newest promotions, discounts & updates going on at your company (via social media) can pay off in customer retention & an awesome reputation.

How Do We Help With Social Media Management?

With our social media management services — we provide a committed team of agents that specifically handle all social media support. These team members are thoroughly trained to replicate your company's voice & image in order to maintain your business's professional reputation. Using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram — we inform your customers on all of the information they need to know, whether it be discounts, entertaining news at the office, or upcoming products. In addition to this — with our rapid response time we can also provide the same standard of technical support that we deliver with our inbound & outbound services.

Social Media Customer Care
Our social media experts can answer all customer questions & concerns with the same effectiveness as our technical support agents (& with the same speed). We can also integrate your social media pages with our innovative CRM system to ensure that no customer is ignored. This way your social media queries will have the same priority as any phone or email queries.
Social Media Presence & Management
If you are a startup (or simply don't utilize social media) — we can create & manage your social media page on any channel that you prefer. By managing your cool social media presence — we can allow you to focus on other business areas — while still maintaining a great relationship with your customers.