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The tech industry is on a wave! New startups and developers are constantly in the news. Readers are always itching to learn the latest details from the tech world.

Having started from the vision of a single person, SupportYourApp has a very unique and intriguing story. In such a huge industry, few support companies are targeted specifically at software and hardware developers. This topic will be sure to attract the attention of readers for you publication.

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Do you think you have an outstanding product?
How about backing it up with the equally outstanding customer support it deserves?

Nowadays tech companies are all focused on design, UX, and UI. But much less is being done for the post–sales customer experience. Customer retention you say? Forget about it...

How SupprtYourApp is defined on the market

Table shows how SupportYourApp defines itself on B2B services market.

This is the issue that Ukraine–based startup SupportYourApp is tackling head–on day in and day out (but mostly in). The company strives to show software and hardware companies the better side of customer service and aims to help them by taking the support process off their hands and leave them more time to focus on improving their core product.

While tech companies have been causing quite the uproar lately, SupportYourApp has been focusing on the customers. SupportYourApp offers a cost–effective, outsourced customer support solution for all types of software and hardware companies. It allows everyone, from indie developers to large corporations, to implement product–specific customer and technical support.

"Mac apps have garnered a lot of attention lately"

The many successful SupportYourApp clients are a testament to SupportYourApp’s unique approach:
Boinx Ltd. — multiple–time award winners of the coveted Apple Design Award. Products: FotoMagico, iStopMotion, mimoLive.
Petcube Inc. — Europas Award for Best European Hardware Startup Products: Petcube Camera, Petcube Bites, Petcube Play.
Softorino — Mac Informer Editor’s Pick. Products: WALTR 2, iBetterCharge, Softorino YouTube Converter.

2016 has been an exciting year for SupportYourApp. We have entirely reimagined the way we operate, simplifying everything for our clients. You now have 3 support plans to choose from. At the heart of each one is your business’ integration with our sophisticated qCRM system. We have also redesigned our website from the ground up, rethinking the way clients can interact with it. Upgrades to the technological backbone of SupportYourApp, now allow to reply not just to hundreds, but to thousands of customers. SupportYourApp now works with companies not only developing software for Mac, but also for Windows, iOS, and Android, as well as hardware developers.

We aim to help build transparent and long–lasting relationships between tech companies and their customers, so that anyone in the world can enjoy the product, minus the hassle. SupportYourApp envisions a future in which every customer receives a timely answer to his or her question and tech companies can focus on what matters the most to them – improving the quality of their products. We strive to help every client leave the best possible impression on every one of their customers.

"Complete positive customer’s impression of every app"

Please visit supportyourapp.com for more information, including videos & client testimonials.


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