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  • KYC facilitation;
  • Troubleshooting, debugging, testing;
  • Knowledge base compiling;
  • Scaling the team in a timely manner upon request;
  • Ensuring a first-month-free policy (for team setup);
  • Tracking transactions’ status.

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Customer Support Outsourcing for SignEasy
Customer Support Outsourcing for Niel Patel
Customer Support Outsourcing for Lifx
Customer Support Outsourcing for Here
Customer Support Outsourcing for Calm
Customer Support Outsourcing for SignEasy
Customer Support Outsourcing for Niel Patel
Customer Support Outsourcing for Lifx
Customer Support Outsourcing for Here
Customer Support Outsourcing for Calm
Customer Support Outsourcing for SignEasy
Customer Support Outsourcing for Niel Patel
Customer Support Outsourcing for Lifx
Customer Support Outsourcing for Here
Customer Support Outsourcing for Calm
Customer Support Outsourcing for MasterCard
Customer Support Outsourcing for Kofax
Customer Support Outsourcing for MacPaw
Customer Support Outsourcing for G2A
Customer Support Outsourcing for MasterCard
Customer Support Outsourcing for Kofax
Customer Support Outsourcing for MacPaw
Customer Support Outsourcing for G2A
Customer Support Outsourcing for MasterCard
Customer Support Outsourcing for Kofax
Customer Support Outsourcing for MacPaw
Customer Support Outsourcing for G2A

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The level of attention to security is completely unheard of for the support industry. For example, we have obtained PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider certification for our facilities. It ensures data safety for you and your customers.

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Custom Software

For the past 10 years we have built our own tools for handling customer support flow. And we are sharing it with you:

QCRM - qustomer support ticket management system


Ticket management system that helps us manage huge teams and help them manage a huge workflow of emails.

Quidget – online chat widget for web


Live chat tool which may be incorporated directly onto the web page that delivers faster performance and helps our team interact with the customers.

Quidget – online chat widget for web


Though it blends into other interfaces and is almost imperceptible, it still is a powerful and sophisticated instrument that supercharges every interaction with the power of AI.

QCRM – customer management system

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"With all the agents working on the team, we were able to drastically improve all of our key performance indicators. Our average first response time was dropped under 1.5 hours, our average resolution time dropped under 12 hours, and our customer satisfaction scores were higher than ever.".
Monica Perez from Sign Easy

Monica Perez Head of CS,
Sign Easy,,

Sign Easy logo
"SupportYourApp was a godsend to us. The ability to have people respond to our customers no matter where they are in the world on 24/7 basis is really astonishing. I was working in other companies where the support level did not come even close.".
Kevin La Rue from Skylum, Inc.

Kevin La Rue Vice President,
Skylum, Inc.,,

Skylum, Inc. logo
"We wanted to improve our standard of customer support. We had one full time person working in Germany. He did a great job, but he was off at night, on weekends... We also were not able to answer the phone. The outsourcing services of SupportYourApp did improve on that.".
Oliver Breidenbach from Boinx Software Ltd.

Oliver Breidenbach CEO and founder,
Boinx Software Ltd.,,

Boinx Software Ltd. logo
"The highlight of SupportYourApp's CRM is the ability to review all the phone calls that come through, handy filter or quickly show open issues, or issues needing developer attention. At this point, it seems the most appropriate for our e-mail and phone support outsourcing.".
Chris Devor from Macroplant, Inc.

Chris Devor CEO and founder,
Macroplant, Inc.,,

Macroplant, Inc. logo
"SupportYourApp's work has resulted in a dramatic increase in great feedback from our customers. We hear all the time from customers on Shopper Approved, telling us they've never seen a company with such a fast response time.".
Josh Brown from Softorino Inc.

Josh Brown CMO,
Softorino Inc.,,

Softorino Inc. logo
"Within 3 months, over 80% of sales and support requests were able to be addressed directly by SupportYourApp. By creating the tools and processes we are now able to add additional resources when the need arises. They are truly committed to supporting the customer at all levels.".
Todd Penny from GoCodes

Todd Penny Founder,

GoCodes logo
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Crypto Customer Services: Support Your Business with a Reliable Vendor

Provide the most reliable and secure crypto customer services to your entire customer base. 

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital money deriving from the code. The companies dealing with crypto virtually deal with somebody’s real funds and money. This means those working in crypto customer service must provide the best and most secure customer services. 

Crypto market grew by 300% in 2020 alone. It is predicted to reach a market worth of $1.04 billion in the next 5 years. The number of unique crypto wallets is estimated to be around 35 million. These are all users who need crypto customer service from exchange platforms. 

How to provide the best crypto customer service, what rules and guidelines do vendors need to follow and what requirements are the most important when it comes to crypto? 

Blockchain customer support — how many currencies are there?

There are more than 2000 of cryptocurrencies in the market. Some are more popular and some traded by just a handful of people. The number of users for each crypto defines how overwhelmed crypto customer service teams might be.

  • Bitcoin customer service

    Bitcoin has an estimated customer base of 5.8 million users. It was created in 2009 by a person or a group of people going by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. There is a finite amount of Bitcoins — 21 million. Traders can buy and exchange Bitcoins via CFDs and spread betting. They can also be obtained via an open network. By now they have gained a status of an investment rather than a token.

    The crypto customer service for Bitcoin is the most widely spread one. The majority of crypto customer service representatives have started their professional way from working with Bitcoins and only after that moved on to the other currencies. 

  • Ethereum customer service

    Ethereum has only been in the market for about 6 years. Right now it has around 1.25 million users. Even though it can also be received via an open network, its nature differs from that of Bitcoin. These coins are not used as a payment but rather as a smart contract — a script that can be employed in Ethereum blockchain. 

    This calls for the crypto customer service team to know all specificities of the coin’s usage and implement this knowledge when tracking the token’s journey from the exchange into the user’s wallet. 

  • XRP customer service

    Ripple (XRP) is actually the name of the network where the transaction of both — crypto- and usual currencies can be processed. The network is easier, faster and less expensive than that of Bitcoin. It has even been adopted by some banks. Crypto customer service here must be faster and more understanding of the transfer processes than with any other crypto. 

    In their turn, crypto platforms must provide the best and most secure customer support like, for example, Gemini crypto customer service or Voyager crypto customer service. 

Main components of blockchain customer service

Great crypto customer service must include three following components:

  1. Security

    Companies providing crypto customer service must have all necessary security certifications to ensure their customer service is totally safe and the users’ coins are secure. Every Bitcoin customer care line must be ready to provide secure services to any customer. Better yet, put all the certification out in the open, for example right into the knowledge base. This way the customers will see the guarantee for their safety and the customer service team will not be overloaded with questions about the certificates.

    Crypto security certifications include but are not limited to: 

    • C4 — CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium;

    • CCSS — CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS);

    • PCI DSS — Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard;

    • ISO — International Organization for Standardization.

    Customers who work with customer service providers with at least two of these certifications can rest assured — their coins are safe and sound.

  2. Expertise

    Cryptocurrency customer service jobs are one of the toughest in customer service. They require additional and very specialized knowledge on the topic. Those providing Tier 2 and 3 customer support must have a deep understanding of crypto customer service and of the blockchain overall.

    They must also have superb communication skills as they have to talk to customers with very specific requirements and within a very specific field. So they must know what they are talking about and how the technology they support works.

    Those seeking blockchain customer service USA jobs must be ready to always learn and develop. They must also be flexible and empathetic. These are the qualities that make a great crypto customer service representative.

  3. Adaptability

    Blockchain customer support teams have to always be prepared to change their approaches to the customers. The market fluctuates and changes the prices for the coins. This only adds to the pressure. As a result, customers in a crypto market are always on the lookout for empathy, understanding and flexibility in communication with the customer support team.

    60% of customers say they will change a communication channel depending on what is convenient for them at the moment. Crypto customer service teams must beware of this and provide omnichannel customer support and services. This will ensure a smooth shift between all channels of communication as well as provide the best customer service in the ever-changing market.

    Abiding by these rules of crypto customer service will help customers feel protected, understood and looked-out for. 

Technology and human crypto customer service — two powers is better than one

AI and technology are ruling all. Crypto customer service is also seeing a surge in need for AI tools. These tools are not foolproof though. They can fail a process during the most important stages of the KYC process or during the transactions. That is why AI and technology effectively complement crypto customer service teams that can:

  • Sort through documents;
  • Track the stages of transactions;
  • Correctly fill in different forms;
  • Keep customers informed about their transactions;
  • Provide speedy and correct responses to the customers. 

This way human-machine symbiosis reaches the highest points and provides the best, most seamless crypto customer service. 

SupportYourApp and blockchains customer service. USA and the rest of the world

SupportYourApp has been in the customer service market for a decade now. Over this time we managed to work with different companies from different areas. We have also provided crypto customer service. 

Stand out with excellent Crypto Customer Services

  • Facilitate KYC

    As was already mentioned, AI tools, while useful, cannot always provide 100% quality customer service. It is especially seen during the KYC stage where users send their documents for verifying their personal information. 

    Our crypto customer service team facilitates the KYC process when text or photo recognition technology fails. We do everything quickly and without mistakes. All our processes are protected by ISO and PCI DSS Level 1 certifications which means we can handle even the most sensitive information without the threat of it leaking. We hold our cybersecurity to the highest standards and always make sure we protect our clients’ customers’ information to the highest extent.

  • Conduct troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting and escalation in crypto customer service are complicated processes requiring the most tech-savvy teams and the most secure premises and technologies. With SupportYourApp you can rest assured — your customers’ information and tickets troubleshooting and resolution will be conducted in accordance with the highest security standards and as fast as possible without ever losing the quality of the information and answers we provide. 

  • Track transactions

    Transactions in crypto customer service require additional attention due to the nature of the market and cryptocurrencies. The transaction process is not always smooth. Tracking them is a whole other task in need of professional attention. Our team can handle it easily. We track the status of the transaction and always keep the customers updated. This ensures all users are always in the know about their crypto transactions. 

  • Compile knowledge base

    Crypto customer service requires constant studying and reading up on the topic. And our team will be glad to help users get as much information and knowledge on the topic as possible. Articles, FAQ sections of the websites, e-books and much more — these are the learning materials we can take care of. 

    Users are not the only ones who benefit from a crypto-related knowledge base. Compiling useful information for the customer support team will ensure they have the entire scope of information needed for providing customers with the best support possible, especially in an industry as tough as crypto. 

  • Communicate with customer over the social media platforms and follow-up bad reviews

    80% of customers use social media to engage with brands. Those working with crypto are no exception to this rule. Moreover, 86% of customers read social media feedback before making a decision to purchase something or use a service. That is exactly why we pay so much attention to your customers’ social media feedback. We communicate with them and follow up on their bad reviews to make sure their customer experience is superb. This is how we make sure our crypto customer services always stay on top. 


To get the fastest answer for any question simply contact us and ask anything.

Ask Us A Question
What are the most important traits in crypto customer service?
Security, speed in responses, precise and fast KYC process, tech-savviness of the team, the possibility to handle a big volume of customer tickets.
How much does a crypto customer service team cost?
The cost of the team depends on the number of languages, hours of operation, and communication and support channels you require. You can learn more about SupportYourApp pricing here.
Is crypto customer service team efficient?
Crypto customer service team is very efficient when it comes to handling big volumes of customer tickets and developing an extensive knowledge base.
What are the most popular cryptocurrencies?
Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple and the three most popular cryptocurrencies.
What are the most important crypto security certifications?
C4, CCSS, PCI DSS, ISO are the most common and important crypto security certifications.

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Benefits of AI in Customer Support

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