Superhero Customer Support

What is a real superhero capable of..? 

Absolutely no doubt he can overhaul & save a crashing plane; rescue a mysterious beauty from a street gang; and probably even save the world before it’s time to go to bed (yes superheroes sleep too). But what about a customer support agent?

In fact, it’s pretty much the same – but here instead of mysterious beauties and crashing planes… the agent steps foot on the dark, twisted land of evil tickets & ruthless calls.


So, what does a support agent needs to become a real superhero? Continue reading to find out ; )


Superpower of Foresight


Sometimes it seems like certain tickets never end. There’s a particular type of customer that just can never get enough, putting each effort to squeeze out your time & energy. No matter how full your answer is, after one email there’s always one more to come in… Maybe because of boredom, or for any other reason this restless customer type always needs you to elaborate on each insignificant trifle, & just like an infant demands your attention & reliable hand to guide him through each tiny step of a hitherto unexplored life…


Don’t waste your time and energy! Make your best to stay ahead of the curve. For it you’re going to need the superpower of foresight.


First, make sure to collect enough of the relative information on forums, in FAQs & in various instructions/guidelines, to redirect the clueless customer straight there. Also, always prepare your answer by imagining what else can be asked after this particular reply, & even what might be asked two replies further, predict all possible outcomes, & do your best to score 10 out of 10 in the first email.


Finally, if worse comes to worse, & after spending a great deal of time emailing.. nothing seems to be working, just clench your fists & make a phone call to make a final shot.


Superpower of Teamwork


– Hello, how may I help you? — Yes, I have a problem with… –  Ok, let me help you with that. Why don’t we try this solution… – Well, actually, I called you a while ago, and that didn’t work for me… – Well, in this case, I may suggest you do this instead… -Wait a minute, I was already told to do so the other day, it didn’t change the situation: my problem is still there. Are we running in circles, or what?! What’s wrong with you guys?!


If there’s something that can make a superhero stronger it is his team. But what makes a team strong..? Superpower, talents, number of members? First off it mean well-coordinated work. In the context of customer support it means you have to always find the best way to consolidate all conversations you’ve had with a particular customer into a single chain so no one will overlook any detail from it.

Don’t keep your sidekicks in the dark! Leave useful comments, make notes to eliminate unnecessary mess in replies and customers’ dissatisfaction. Contribute to efficient workflow by taking into account every other agent who worked on the case before, who’s helping you deal with it now, & who will likely work on it in the future.
A strong team means highly efficient work…



Superpower of Memory


Many things change as time goes on… products get updated, policies change, the nature of cases changes. Over time, practical knowledge may become outdated & fall down into the deep abyss of your memory.. sometimes to fall asleep for good. However, not everything moves so fast…


While keeping up with the progress, you must never forget that there will still be customers that can put you on the spot with an “old as your grandma” question. There may be a lot of reasons for it: old software, old hardware, simple passion for retro stuff… No matter what it is, you better be prepared.


To keep your memory in good shape, fix certain days a month to go through some cases from the past, systemize everything to make it easier to retrieve/access necessary info whenever it comes to a need – having a small notebook or document on your computer for it is even better.


To get your memory on an outstanding level you shouldn’t turn your brain into a bottomless archive, but what you should do is find the most handy ways to make it easier to recollect something that is necessary right away. Pay attention to that, so you can always remain self-confident like a real superhero.




Nietzshe said that man is a rope, stretched between the animal and superhuman. Today in my post I’d like to apply the same idea to customer support, & urge you to start tying a rope from an ordinary support representative to a Super Agent. May superhero strength be with you! = )


Daria & Marvelous Team


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