How To Build Effective Communication for Better Customer Support

Every customer service agent knows that effective communication is critical. Customers’ feelings & actions in a conversation depend on the words that you choose to deliver information.

For this reason, effective communication with a customer is like target shooting. In this post we’ll share with you the important tips that are going to help you improve your customer service & strengthen the connection with your customers by making a conversation go the right course.




Bring in Empathy

As with many situations involving interpersonal relations, the “Golden Rule”, works just right for building effective communication with a customer. Approach any concern of a customer who’s making a call to your company in the same way as if it was your own. The problem they ran across has just beclouded the crystal clear sky of your sunny day. And if you follow the “Rule” strictly & genuinely – you are going to enjoy positive changes in a way you understand each other & your customer will trust you.

“I know how frustrating it is. I’d be upset too.”

Do not stay indifferent! Make customers understand it matters to you as much as it matters to them. Bring in and convey empathy!


Pick Appropriate Words

The primary objective for you to pursue when communicating with a customer is to make him feel you’re talking to him, rather than reading a bland call script & the best approach to achieve this lies in using the same language & comfort you would use when speaking with a friend (minus any curse words). Pay attention to the words the customer uses to convey the message, note how they phrase questions and comments. Follow the speech scenario offered from their side and this will help you establish a deeper connection. You can even use a little bit of a jargon. However, only in case your customer actively brings it into the conversation.

Please remember the topic and develop long-lasting friendships 😉


Be Proactive

Whenever it comes to a problem a customer needs to get it resolved quickly.


Some companies organize their customer support services in such a manner that before finally getting a solution, a customer goes a burdensome & debilitating way, forced to struggle through endless phone transfers making him feel derelict & devoid of any hope.

“We can not help you at this point. Please call xxx-number”

Therefore, for a better customer service your major concern must be making a call to your company the first & the last point to get the complete solution to a problem. Always make sure there is nothing left to try to help customers troubleshoot the issue right here & right now, let them see some light at the end of the tunnel, have them feel the call to you was the right decision.

“I don’t have a solution know, but I’m going to find out for you”

Remember, there are always more options for those who really want to help!


Incorporate Positive Words

Anyone would be frustrated if something meanly spoiled the unruffled day flow. This is why hear a cheerful customer at the other end of the line. However, giving it a shot & trying changing your customer’s spirit is always in your power & one of the greatest tools you can employ is the magic of positive words.

“I’d be glad to help you out!”

And no matter how naive this may sound, but the same way negative words may harm & destruct positive words have the power to heal & resurrect.

So, spend some time practicing positive talk, collect good words & rather than keeping it a dry conversation vivify your speech with positive & let your customers know you genuinely appreciate them calling to you.

Building up a strong connection with your customers requires many efforts, but it’s a fundamental investment into your future customers’ satisfaction & loyalty. So, start investing today & enjoy its benefits tomorrow!


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