Demystifying Customer Service Industry

It is no secret that every organization knows the importance of achieving the perfect customer experience in today’s customer obsessed market cycle. On the face of it, customer services have transcended beyond the common narrative of simply providing service information and solving basic problems from an office cubicle, and gradually into a more complex ecosystem. Organizations that rely entirely on telephonic interactions and customer satisfaction review stats, rather than the human behavioral patterns that literally drive the market find themselves in perpetual box traps. Because of the realities of today’s markets, the interpersonal customer interactions are a rarity. Conventional wisdom suggests organizations have an obligation to take advantage of every opportunity to boost purchase value and retain good relationships with the modern and loyal customer base.

What customers really want 

Most companies are of the opinion that extensive interactions towards enhancing a customer-brand relationship will result in total consumer loyalty. This is hardly the case as most customers demonstrate relationships based on shared brand philosophies. These authentic feelings build relationships that don’t have any linear correlation to the number of relentless bombarded interactions shared between the customer and marketer. In reality, it is much more successful in marketing to every customer differently based on their individual expectations. When it comes to attitudes towards brand interaction, distinct customer demographics share same priorities, thus fluidity on multiple digital channels will blur any communication boundaries.

Great Workplaces

Today’s customer service offices have transformed into some of the worlds extraordinary places with an almost utopian location filled with happy employees that constantly thrive to succeed in today’s ever evolving market. Creating controlled happy working environments ultimately lead to more creative and altruistic employees. Nevertheless, there is the occasional workplace disagreement which is nothing uncommon, and while certain conflicts can be a distraction, encouraging healthy debates on the other hand enhances better employee performance levels. Mistakes are unavoidable in any organization, and to achieve top performance, it is essential to create a conducive working environment where top-notch employees can have honest dialogs and feel safe to willingly acknowledge any errors.

Customer satisfaction

The mantra for every organization is to stay ahead in the ever changing customer service industry. A study by Harvard Business Review, found that companies often have dangerously wrong ideas about how best to engage with customers. In truth, customers care more about quality services than they do about prices, and exceeding their expectations will only build loyalty much quicker than just meeting their needs. Saying a customer is always right is also no justification for every irritating customer. However, doing everything in your power to keep them satisfied should be the center of interest. Customer satisfaction is all about ethics and holding high service standards, because even companies with the smallest resources to invest in technology still ‘Rock’ when they resolve customer issues effectively. Most importantly, treating customers with the highest levels of professionalism and competence is the best way to deliver a seamless experience.


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